Public Ledger of Pre-mined Coins

This is the full ledger of pre-mined coins, including transaction IDs (txid) and addresses. This accounts for funds controlled and released by CureCoin.

Public Ledger

What is Curecoin?

{lang en}Network security from hashing is good. Making money is great. Curing Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, preventing viruses, and designing next-level pharmaceuticals is awesome. What if we could put these together, to build a coin secured and run by crypto, mined with SHA256, and supported by cancer-curing research?{/lang}{lang fr}Sécuriser le réseau par la puissance de calcul, c’est bien. Se faire de l’argent aussi. Soigner le cancer, Alzheimer, Huntington, lutter contre les virus et participer à la conception des futurs produits pharmaceutiques, c’est encore mieux ! Que se passerait-il si nous combinions ces trois éléments pour créer une crypto-monnaie, minée à l’aide de l’algorithme SHA256, et soutenions la recherche contre le cancer ?{/lang}

{lang en}Announcing CureCoin!{/lang}{lang fr}CureCoin est là pour cela!{/lang}{lang zh}宣布CureCoin!{/lang}{lang de}Ankündigung CureCoin!{/lang}{lang ru}Объявляя CureCoin!{/lang}{lang bg}Обявявайки CureCoin!{/lang} 

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How does the network maintain balance?

Since the daily total from network output from both mining and folding are locked at 20:80, an increase in miners will subsequently raise the scarcity of the currency (per capita), resulting in folding becoming even more profitable and in-demand, encouraging additional folding power. Vice-versa, an increase in folding power will likewise indirectly cause a delayed increase in the network security. Pegging the reward of each type of work to a constant value allows the change to hit a brick wall in changing the currency distribution, which causes other parts of the equation to expand–mining/network security, and folding/coin value. This value in medical research and network security both act to influence the USD/CUR trading value. As the folding and hashing efforts grow, the currency becomes more scarce per capita, creating a general increasing trend of monetary value. Just like any other crypto, Curecoin is a currency, but in this case, one that has more adding to its value than cryptographic security.

Is CureCoin limited to only protein folding?

No! As the network evolves, additional scientific computing projects can be easily added, in which case the folding reward would become a scientific-computation reward, and would be split fairly between various projects (including CPU-only ones!), and could be done so in either a way to encourage people to balance the projects, or in such a way that people can do whatever project they wish, and receive the same or very similar profits.

How are the tokens divided up?

Token Distributions
Division of Lifetime Distributions vs Daily Distribution

The Big Picture

CureCoins go to three main areas: Folders, Miners, and Developers. The folders will get 76% of the total coins (or 80% of the coins distributed per day – see “Day to Day” for more info). SHA256 miners get 19% of the total coins (or 20% of the coins distributed per day). 2% of the total funds are distributed to people who donated to project development in 2014. The remaining 3% is dedicated to Curecoin developers, and will be used for paying for ongoing development costs (such as hiring professional programmers, paying for infrastructure, etc.), and for giving back to the community (folding hardware giveaways, faucets, covering “0%” mining pools, etc.).

In summary, 95% of CURE tokens are automatically distributed from cold storage to Protein Folders, or earned directly via SHA256 PoW/PoS mining. The remaining 5% were reserved for supporting ongoing blockchain maintenance and rewarding original Curecoin crowdfund donors.

Day to Day (as of 05/10/2018 folding rewards halving)

Each day, Folders as a whole receive 3744 CureCoins to be divided amongst them proportionally. This means that each folder receives (FolderPPD / TeamPPD) * 3744 CureCoins. An example:

Folder PPD Total Team PPD
1,000,000 10,000,000 100,000,000 500,000,000 1,000,000,000
10,000 37.44 CUR 3.744 CUR .3744 CUR .07488 CUR .03744 CUR
100,000 374.4 CUR 37.44 CUR 3.744 CUR .7488 CUR .3744 CUR
500,000 1872 CUR 187.2 CUR 18.72 CUR 3.744 CUR 1.872 CUR
1,000,000 3744 CUR 374.4 CUR 37.44 CUR 7.488 CUR 3.744 CUR
10,000,000 N/A 3744 CUR 374.4 CUR 74.88 CUR 37.44 CUR

You can estimate your earnings (Use the “24hr Avg” from the stats at the top for a very rough estimate, or click through and use the last full day’s 24-hour stats for more accuracy):

(YourPPD / TeamPPD) * 3744

The remaining 20% of Daily Coin goes to miners and those with minting-enabled wallets*, mined in 6.5 CureCoin-blocks.

For full premine details, please see: “Details on Pre-mined Coins and Future Mintage

*Minting is the same as Staking or Proof-of-Stake (PoS)