Curecoin merges two amazing areas in computer science:

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Protein folding is both CPU and GPU compatible.

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This post contains part of the letter sent by the Curecoin Team to Poloniex Exchange in response to the delisting: Curecoin 2.0 will be the first cryptocurrency to implement quantum-computer-resistant cryptography (Merkle Signatures), and will feature a mini-blockchain which significantly improves scalability and will enable incredibly-lightweight wallets for smartphones. The estimated time to confirm a payment on the 2.0 release will be a few minutes. Merkle Signatures, based on a Merkle Tree of Lamport Signatures (single-use signatures based on selectively revealing portions of a private key which correspond to the bits the signer wants to sign), allow for incredibly quick-to-verify signatures (on the order of 10s of hashes), and unlike ECDSA (used by Bitcoin) are resistant to attacks by quantum computers. Our custom implementation of Merkle Signatures has been publicly available and in testing for over two years, and relies on decades of academic research.
Great news for all of the folks on team Curecoin who fold proteins using their PC’s, Macs and Laptops (and everyone watching from the sidelines). Looking at our “stats”, you’ll notice something spectacular. With speeds blazing over 14 petaFLOPS*, our team has managed to secure a well deserved #2 ranking on [email protected] (FAH) global network. FAH has a 16 year history with over 1.7 million registered accounts. Within that framework, the CureCoin team has outperformed the combined efforts of top individuals and several corporate sponsored teams – including Google. Today, one CURE digital coin represents up to 28,000 PPD** worth of computational research! The Curecoin team wants to tip our hats and send all of you a virtual round of applause… (including a very sincere thank you to our merge-folding peers at FoldingCoin)


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