CureCoin does not own, employ or work for any cryptocurrency trading exchange.

Exchanges and Trading Platforms Available (listed by exchange ranking on CoinMarketCap as of 2023/12/12, Highest to Lowest)
HitBTC: The HitBTC platform offers features meeting the expectations of even the most sophisticated traders. (US Trading: No)
AltQuick: Since 2010, (formerly FreeBitcoins – Founded by Steven Steiner, CEO) consists of three primary services: full-service automated exchange called XChange, a free cryptocurrency Faucet, and an altcoin Swap tool. Also includes a Curecoin faucet. No KYC (US Trading: Yes)

ExchangeAssets: Our newest exchange partner! Includes BTC, LTC, and USDT trading pairs for Curecoin. No KYC (US Trading: Yes)

BTCPOP: Unique P2P Banking experience (Loans, Investment, Staking Pools, & More, including a Curecoin Faucet). No KYC (US Trading: Yes)

We do not control coins at the exchanges – if you have a discrepancy it must be settled with the exchange in question. We of course recommend using the latest official Curecoin wallet for holding and staking your CURE long term; however, exchanges offer these services for nominal fees. We recommend users conduct due diligence prior to selecting any exchange, as we cannot recommend any individual exchanges ourselves – only inform the public of their existence. Note that some exchanges may no longer be operational, this list is only a reference to exchanges that have listed Curecoin in chronological order of listing (Oldest to Newest).

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