Cloud Mining

Would you like to contribute to protein folding research while earning Curecoin, but you don’t have a high-end GPU?
Do you live in an an area with poor internet access, or costly electrical power?

Curecoin has the answer: presenting Cloud Folding! By simply purchasing cloud time, or donating to the Curecoin Project, you will help research cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Diabetes, HIV and several other Infectious Diseases.

The Curecoin cloud is divided into two divisions…

  1. Commercial Cloud Folding Store (We fold, you keep the coins).
    1. Located in Bay City, Michigan – the curecoin cloud brings a next generation vision for America’s former manufacturing hubs.
  2. Non-Profit Cloud Folding for the Curecoin Project (support Cloud Folding with your tax deductible donation): 
    1. Donation via Paypal and your credit card
    2. Donate via Check
    3. Or simply shop with Amazon Smile – You Shop, Amazon Gives: Amazon will help fund Curecoin Cloud Folding when you select “Visions Made Viable” – our 501(c)3 incubator. VMV has allocated 90% of their Amazon Smile channel to fund Curecoin Cloud Folding.
      1. Shopping with Amazon Smile is not tax deductible because Amazon gives from 1% to 5% of your purchase price to charity.

Curecoin’s cloud folding “farm” is composed of modern GPU and CPU hardware donated by Curecoin team members and other crypto-currency miners located in the United States.

Curecoin cloud folding has customers spanning the globe: United States, Brazil, Morocco, Spain, Italy, UK, Nigeria, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, and many others.

Even with limited internet access and equipment, you can still contribute to protein folding research, and still earn Curecoin. Although our Cloud Folding is no substitute for having your own rig, you’ll still find our rates beat most any other cloud folding service available.

What is Proof of Stake in CureCoin?

CureCoin’s Proof of Stake mintage begins in 30 days, and maxes out in 90. While your stake is higher the closer you get to 90, you may find better returns by regularly minting closer to 30 days.

The CureCoin wallet takes care of this whole process for you. It must be unlocked and open in order to Mint.

To Unlock your wallet for staking :

  1. Go to “Help”
  2. “Debug Window”
  3. Choose the Console tab
  4. Here, enter ‘walletpassphrase <your password> 99999999 true’ and hit enter*.
  5. After a few moments, your wallet will be ready to mint.

The above unlocking procedure only applies to Encrypted Wallets. An unencrypted wallet will mint, but is unsecure. Its recommended that you ALWAYS encrypt your wallet. As a optional precautionary measure, clear the console window and then close it (press CTRL + L to clear the text in the console ).

Proof of Stake is a method of securing the CureCoin network that works alongside the Proof of Work portion. Proof of Stake is based on the number of coins had, and how long they’ve been held. In this way, it works to prevent the well-known 51% attack – an attack wherein the perpetrator overtakes 51%+ of the Proof of Work (mining) network. In order to do this to a Proof of Stake coin, an attacker would need to hold 51% of the entire supply of CureCoin, and any attack performed would hurt their own share. If any part would come to hold 51% of the currency, they’re likely to hold a strong interest in keeping the coin alive and well.

Initially, coins are distributed by the work done when folding. CureCoins have an “age”, which is reset every time they are transferred. Over time, as folders hold on to their hard-earned CureCoin, they begin to earn a “stake” – this stake is equal to their age multiplied by the number of coins. Your stake earns you “chances” at earning Proof of Stake CureCoin blocks, which are generated through a process called “minting.”

The good folks at PeerCoin explain Minting well:

All coins in the Peercoin network collect coin age. Your stake is calculated from this coin age, measured by last transaction, and multiplied with the amount of coins (time * coins). Transferred coins lose their age and start a new “life” as fresh coins. When you keep coins for 30 days, they are old enough to start the minting process. From that moment on the software tests the “search space” given by the coin age, the limited options are tested if they “solve the puzzle” like in Bitcoin mining. You can simply think of this by comparing it with a raffle. But it is a raffle that lets you keep the tickets every time you do not win a round. And with it the chance of producing a valid solution of the next puzzle increases. More coins equal more raffle tickets. So 100 coins at an age of 30 days are twice as likely to solve the “puzzle” as 50 coins with 30 age days. The maximum age a coin can have is 90 days, after this the coin does not age further. When a puzzle is solved you can mint 1% of your input, by sending 101% of the coin to yourself. With it you “consume” your built-up coin age. As you test against a limited number of raffle tickets (the “limited search space”), this requires significantly less power. Attacks become more difficult as well, instead of controlling 51% calculating power to take over the block chain, you need 51% of the coins that are put up as stake! When a block is minted, your new coins will be unspendable for a period of 520 blocks (~ 3.6 days with 10 minutes blocks). More information can be found in the Peercoin whitepaper.

*99999999 is the time, in seconds, to remain unlocked. You may choose to unlock for shorter periods, if you like, but run the chance of re-locking before mintage is complete.

How are the tokens divided up?

Token Distributions
Division of Lifetime Distributions vs Daily Distribution

The Big Picture

CureCoins go to three main areas: Folders, Miners, and Developers. The folders will get 76% of the total coins (or 80% of the coins distributed per day – see “Day to Day” for more info). SHA256 miners get 19% of the total coins (or 20% of the coins distributed per day). 2% of the total funds are distributed to people who donated to project development in 2014. The remaining 3% is dedicated to Curecoin developers, and will be used for paying for ongoing development costs (such as hiring professional programmers, paying for infrastructure, etc.), and for giving back to the community (folding hardware giveaways, faucets, covering “0%” mining pools, etc.).

In summary, 95% of CURE tokens are automatically distributed from cold storage to Protein Folders, or earned directly via SHA256 PoW/PoS mining. The remaining 5% were reserved for supporting ongoing blockchain maintenance and rewarding original Curecoin crowdfund donors.

Day to Day (as of 05/10/2018 folding rewards halving)

Each day, Folders as a whole receive 3744 CureCoins to be divided amongst them proportionally. This means that each folder receives (FolderPPD / TeamPPD) * 3744 CureCoins. An example:

Folder PPD Total Team PPD
1,000,000 10,000,000 100,000,000 500,000,000 1,000,000,000
10,000 37.44 CUR 3.744 CUR .3744 CUR .07488 CUR .03744 CUR
100,000 374.4 CUR 37.44 CUR 3.744 CUR .7488 CUR .3744 CUR
500,000 1872 CUR 187.2 CUR 18.72 CUR 3.744 CUR 1.872 CUR
1,000,000 3744 CUR 374.4 CUR 37.44 CUR 7.488 CUR 3.744 CUR
10,000,000 N/A 3744 CUR 374.4 CUR 74.88 CUR 37.44 CUR

You can estimate your earnings (Use the “24hr Avg” from the stats at the top for a very rough estimate, or click through and use the last full day’s 24-hour stats for more accuracy):

(YourPPD / TeamPPD) * 3744

The remaining 20% of Daily Coin goes to miners and those with minting-enabled wallets*, mined in 6.5 CureCoin-blocks.

For full premine details, please see: “Details on Pre-mined Coins and Future Mintage

*Minting is the same as Staking or Proof-of-Stake (PoS)