CureCoin Team hits rank #4 on F@H all time stats!!!

It has not been quite a year, and about 2 weeks ago Team CureCoin has made it to Rank #4 in worldwide folding power contributions on the Folding @ Home network, the largest researched based DCN on earth. This goes to show people in the crypto community have the powerful setups and knowledge of cloud computing to really get some work done! There are a number of members on our team that have hopped team but some of the most powerful to come through, have come from the crypto community.

What does this mean for the future of crypto and research DCN’s? Well, one thing is for sure, Team CureCoin intends to find out! With CureCoin 2.0 about to have public beta testing soon, and the coming full launch of the CureCoin cloudfolding systems, we expect to see more and more participants hop on board. We are reaching out to many events in order to show people that folding for FAH can not only be rewarding in the sensation of helping humanity, you can be rewarded with crypto “Cure”ncy as well.

Our own Ivan Tuma Jr has just made a trip to another conference just last night to UCLA , expect a report from him soon. In the mean time let’s celebrate rank #4 as a team! Great job folders big and small!

With the 1 year anniversary of the original launch date coming up, CureCoin has proven to be a worthy cryptocurrency! With many coins coming and going in the blink of an eye, we are still going. Look forward to more exciting developments as time goes on and Team CureCoin prevails!

CureCoin is now Rank #4 !!!

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