Folding@home Donations underway soon!

Team CureCoin has been collecting donations to give back to the Folding@Home servers for a while and its now time to send those donations to their official donation website. Currently Folding@Home does not take CureCoins directly as that would be non-team-agnostic behavior which is a strict rule imposed by their operations. Luckily they did start taking BTC donations shortly after team CureCoin hit the scene. The amount in the field on the right side of the page shows the balance of the donation address as it is sent to an exchange to be sold. We will likely sell the coins in 30k at time at ~6k + satoshis per coin (depending on current market value). 

So here is a great chance to become a stake holder in CureCoin while directly supporting the Folding@Home servers! The exchange that will be used is going to be Bittrex, so load up your btc there and be ready for the coins to become available in bulk at fair market rates. Once the coins are converted they will be donated in the form of BTC directly to fund the purchasing of new hardware and upkeep for the Folding@Home server infrastructure at Pande Labs. 

This stage marks the end of the current fundraiser for the Folding@Home servers. Please do not send any more coins at this point to the listed address. If you are interested in matching donations or joining in on the donations in any way (including fiat) please make a post in the forum so we can make donations to F@H courtesy of team CureCoin!

Cheers and happy folding!


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