Endometriosis Pilot Study

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Recent data indicates that over 170 million women of reproductive age world-wide suffer debilitating pain and infertility from Endometriosis. “Endo” is linked to protein mis-folding, however there is no scientific consensus on its root cause. Theories include stem cells, genetics, and immunological factors. Women whose mothers suffered from “Endo” are up to 7 times more likely to exhibit symptoms themselves.

The ultimate goal of this study is to create minimally invasive, yet deterministic tests for Endometriosis pre-menarche (before first menses). Pre-teens at risk could be tested, and subsequently make lifestyle adjustments to prevent premature menarche, in addition to treatment with Combined Oral Contraceptives (COCs) early in puberty to dramatically reduce the risk factors of retrograde menstruation and Endometriosis. In rare cases – more aggressive treatments via puberty-suppression therapy could be explored.

Many girls with Endo enter puberty too early, while their BMI is still too low (min. BMI requirement for menarche is 23.7% ). Studies indicate worldwide age of menarche has fallen from 16-17 down to <13 as a possible byproduct of EDC (Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical) exposure. Although there are no known bio-markers for Endo (pre-menarch), we strongly feel computational biology can be leveraged to explore peripheral theories covering early menarche so "Endo" can be minimized or even prevented in future generations of young women. More discussion can be found on reddit at /r/Endo

This fund is the first of it’s kind, attempting to showcase the potential of CureCoin to help finance new research. Beginning a new study on F@H requires more than just computational power. Pande Labs would need manpower on the back-end to analyze the computational results – then conduct new experiments based on that analysis.

Update: We are officially extending the deadline for this study from 07.31.2015 to 10.30.2015.
We’ve begun investigating public crowdfunding (Indiegogo, Crowdster, etc.), foundations and celebrities.
If significant funds are not collected by the new expiration date, the collected coins will be rolled
into a general Folding @ Home Donation Fund.
(See “Donate CureCoins” tab at the right for CURE donation addresses).

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Foundations for further reading or “fiat” donations:
1. Endometriosis Foundation of America
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