Curecoin Booster Shot Initiative Launching

With eight successful years of operation while continuing to be the #1 ranked team on Folding@home Curecoin has changed the world of distributed computing. We are now setting our sights higher than ever before. The release of the Curecoin Research Core 2.1 will greatly increase our total potential capacity. Research Core 2.1 will also add the ability to integrate additional Distributed Computing Networks.

In order to accelerate the global adoption of Curecoin we’re launching the Curecoin Booster Shot Initiative. Taking advantage of the our staking feature we will temporarily enable staking on the Curecoin Oracle wallets. This will simultaneously increase network security while adding available funds for research rewards, marketing, promotion, development, strategic partnerships and more. 

The goal of the Curecoin Initiative is to further accelerate research on a global scale, tapping into the power of tens of thousands, potentially hundreds of thousands of computers.

Highlights for the CURE Booster Shot Initiative

  • Rate of coin staking will start high and decrease through the year
  • Initial focus of funding will be better marketing and advertising budget
  • Bounties will be posted for numerous community contributions, from app development to promotional work.

Read more about our new Curecoin Research Core here, or join the testnet in our discord testnet channel.

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