Android Folding Client – Curecoin Giveaway

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Instructions Posted Below – Good Luck !

Android Folding Curecoin Giveaway

1000 CURE Giveaway Rules! (client only available for Android users for now, sorry)
12 Prizes split across Facebook & Twitter:
(2) 225 CURE Grand Prizes, (2) 75 CURE, (8) 50 CURE
Contest Ends September 30, 2017

  • Download & Run Sony’s [email protected] App to your Android Phone (see link below)
    • The App only runs when your phone is using Wi-fi and is plugged into a charger (with a 98% charge)
  • Reply with BOTH Public Google Play Name* and Curecoin Wallet address**
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Current Curecoin Price Quote from Coingecko (check blue USD or BTC):

Download Sony Xperia [email protected] Client to your Android:

Download Wallet to create receiver address (example: B4HRZ8zV7rBkgEKLu3yqNrHS1b2ySsvVCZ):
Create and account on either Bittrex or Livecoin exchanges to get a receiver address:

* Make sure you’ve earned at least an Aminoacid Badge (3 hours)
** Please check your local regulations on Bitcoin before entering. Unclaimed prizes will be donated to the Curecoin Project non-profit cloud folding. In case of invalid Curecoin addresses, winnings will also be donated to Cloud Folding. Data charges may apply when downloading the app – check your plan.

CURE Tokens Trade for bitcoin on Bittrex and Livecoin Exchanges

2017 Curecoin Mid-Year Brief:

The first half of 2017 has proven to be an exciting time for Curecoin and our merge-folding partners at FoldingCoin. We’ve had an exponential increase in the number of computations the team produces. Thanks to a combination of growing interest in protein folding research, along with several bombshells in the cryptocurrency markets has made our team the most powerful distributed computing team in history. Recent levels of interest in merge-folding put Curecoin’s team 224497 on a trajectory to overtake the number one spot on [email protected] in early September.  This is great news for the research of cancer, neuro-cognitive disorders and infectious diseases!
  1. Today, the Curecoin Team’s combined computational output is 29 PetaFLOPS* (about 39% of the [email protected] network).
    • This means the team produces molecular research at rates comparable to some multi-million dollar supercomputers !
  2. There are over 8,000 registered [email protected] user accounts, with over 900 active individuals folding on any given day folding for CURE
  3. Market price of our token over the last 60 days has ranged between $.12 and $.22 USD
  4. Trading volume over the last 60 days has peaked at over $800,000 USD on a single day … the markets are catching on to our utility proposition
  5. The Curecoin team has shipped a new, more secure wallet version, with more changes in the pipeline for 1.9.4.x to make the current version of Curecoin an even better user experience. In addition, the Curecoin Team has added several new team members, including EvergreenCoin’s founder and developer – Steven Saxton.
    • We are transitioning to an Agile unified process keyed to our wallet builds.
  6. Curecoin has created a separate, 501c3 sponsored Curecoin Project, whose to-date contributions to scientific, medical and social organizations has surpassed $17,000 USD. We have the ability to accept donations via Paypal, direct USD, and Amazon Smile donations. Currently we have over 15,000 tokens listed on exchanges destined for conversion to charitable giving.
  7. Curecoin 2.0 will soon be soliciting applicants for a broader internal beta test. We’d like to start receiving feedback from individuals with targeted skills in the QA process. There will be some changes coming to the plan-of-record regarding a standalone version of SigmaX and integration of Proof-of-Proof – so please stay tuned to our bitcointalk ANN thread.
* Does not factor for Quick Return Bonus (QRB) – making precise FLOPS count difficult to calculate