How to “Folding to Earn CureCoin Tokens”

Beginners read on to discover earning Curecoin by simply running a research app on your PC or Mac…

Team member produced video tutorials can be accessed here (we will publish a new video tutorial when our updated folding pool website has been beta tested)

Windows CPU or GPU: (Mac OSX install is similar, for Linux See the Linux download page from F@H)

Head over to foldingathome.org/start-folding/ and download the Windows installer.

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Click on the “fah-installer_7.6.21_x86.exe”  to download the Folding@Home installer.

After downloading, start the executable either by clicking on the download or by browsing to your Downloads folder. For Chrome, the download will show up at the bottom left corner of the window. For Firefox, the download will appear under the ‘Downloads’ button at the top right of the window. In Internet Explorer, you will receive an action prompt, click on run.

After opening the application, you will be prompted with a UAC prompt, as shown below. Click on ‘Yes’:

The installer will then open.

Agree to the License Agreement:

Click through the prompts, choosing the “Express Install” option.


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With Folding@home setup complete, make sure the Start Folding@home checkbox is clicked and then click Finish.

After clicking “Finish” on the installer, a webpage will open, prompting you for account setup. Click on “Set up an identity”, and then the “Start Folding” button.

At this point, open a new tab (Control + t) or a new window (Control + n), and browse to: apps.foldingathome.org/getpasskey. Enter your desired username (limited from 7 characters(min) to 50 characters(max)), and your email address. Then, click on the ‘Get Passkey’ button.

Check your email, and double-check that the username (at least 7, and no more than 50 characters) is spelled (including capitalization) exactly as you want it. Copy the passkey from the email (highlight the entire passkey, which should be 32 characters long, and press Control + c). Then, navigate back to the folding@home configuration page (which popped up after installation) and fill out your username (exactly as shown in the email), “224497” for the team number, and then paste your passkey into the passkey box. Click “Save”.

Now, you should see that folding has started! If you want to earn maximum points, drag the slider from “Medium” to “Full” as shown below:

If your machine has both a CPU and one or more GPUs, they should all show on this page.

LAST STEP – You need this to earn CureCoin rewards

Now you can go register your folding@home name at https://researchcore.curecoin.net/register .

You’re done! Sit back and let your computer fold!

Additional INFO:

Please remember that, to access this folding control application in the future, you can navigate to https://client.foldingathome.org/ or . If you wish to use your computer for processor-intensive applications (such as gaming, rendering videos, etc.), you can click on the “Stop Folding” button in the web control panel to stop folding. Later, you can click on “Start Folding” to resume where you left off. Note that simply closing your browser will not stop the folding.

If you would rather have more precise control over your folders, you can navigate to the FAHControl application:

This application provides additional control over your folding, and allows you to make changes such as the number of CPU cores dedicated to folding. Right-click on items in the “Folding Slots” section to start/stop/finish jobs.

Fold” will resume folding.
Pause” will pause the current job.
Finish” will finish the job, and not request a new one, until “Fold” is clicked again. After finishing, it will appear as paused.
On Idle”will set the slot to only run when your computer is idle (not being used).
View” will open the FAHViewer application to visualize your molecule(s) that are folding. Please note that this visualization does take up CPU/GPU cycles to calculate, and will slow down folding when opened.

Estimating PPD
You may have to wait a few hours for your PPD to normalize. You must complete 10 Work Units (WU) before you start to earn Folding@home bonus points – so be patient. Sometimes the PPD will not be able to report accurately until close to the end of a word unit. Also, you will not see your stats on Folding@home until you complete a WU, and you will not receive points on the folding pool until after Folding@home has processed your WU and the folding pool has confirmed it.

How the folding pool processes earnings

CURE EARNED = Your PPD / Pool PPD * 3744
It then divides each user’s 24-hour points by the total to get their percent contribution. This percent contribution is then multiplied by the total payout for the day (3744 CURE as of 05/10/2018, with reduction scheduled for  5/5/2024).

Normal operation will earn folding rewards daily. Please note that you may not get any Curecoins until up to 48 hours after you submit your first work unit.

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