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Folding Club

  1. Google Chrome Troubleshooting (Basic)
  2. Full Client Troubleshooting (Advanced Users)



Google Chrome Troubleshooting

We’re sorry, we could not load Stanford University’s Folding@home in your browser.

  1. Are you using the Google Chrome browser version 31 or newer?
    This Folding@home Web App requires Google Native Client which is provided by the Google Chrome browser. You can check to see if you have version 31 or better by typing chrome://version in to your address bar.
  2. Have you enabled NaCl?
    Currently you must enable Native Client manually by typing chrome://flags/#enable-nacl into the Chrome address bar and clicking Enable. If it says Disable that means Native Client is already enabled.
  3. Is NaCl debugging disabled?
    Native Client debugging is disabled by default but if it is enabled it will inhibit our software from running. To ensure debugging is disabled, type chrome://flags/#enable-nacl-debug into the Chrome address bar check the setting.
  4. After making changes did you restart your browser?
    To make changes to the NaCl settings take effect, choose Quit from your browser menu and start again.
  5. Are you connected to the Internet?
    You must be connected to the Internet to run Folding@home. Our software downloads problems to work on from scientific institutions around the world and uploads solutions found by your computer which help scientists fight disease.
  6. If all else fails…
    Join our Discord Channel and get live help from community members ~24/7:

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Advanced Client Troubleshooting

Are you having trouble with Stanford University’s Advanced Folding@home desktop client?

  1. We recommend you search Folding Forum for any folding client support issues:
  2. If all else fails…
    Join our Discord Channel and get live help from community members ~24/7:

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CURE and FLDC Tokens Trade for bitcoin on Bittrex Exchange (and others). In the future, we plan to offer additional prizes in CURE and FLDC, however this promotion is intended to introduce a broader section of the public to Citizen Science who may not otherwise participate.
If, in the future, you would like to contribute to Stanford folding research philanthropically, or earn your own Curecoin and Foldingcoin, we recommend you create your own passkey and follow merge folding instructions on either curecoin.net or foldingcoin.net websites.
Folding Club is part of the Curecoin Project system (sponsored by Visions Made Viable, a 501c3 charity incubator). Check local laws; must be at least 16 years of age to participate in Folding Club raffles (US Law).
FoldingCoin Inc is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 Public charity

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