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What is the problem with losing motivation?

Age gap

According to the current rules, children from 6.5 to 8 years old can be enrolled in the first grade. At this age, the difference in a year means quite serious differences in the level of development. If the child turns out to be significantly older or younger than the bulk of his classmates, he may “fall out” of the general learning process, since the teacher will inevitably focus on the majority.

Older kids can get bored, and younger kids can find it hard to keep up with their classmates. Both can also lead to decreased motivation.

Of course, you cannot predict the composition of the class, but it is still worth trying to get some information in advance. This is especially important for those children whose age on September 1 will be close to critical levels - 6.5 or 8 years. If you have the opportunity, try to enroll your child in a class in which he will be among the majority of children close in age. And if not, think about how you will support the desire to go to school. This is very important because once you have a plan to support your child then you will have ways to help with that. For such support, there is Bid for writing, which can very well help in teaching your child. In this way you will be able to give him a very good help in learning.

Younger children need to avoid overload and stress, they need a sparing regimen, timely rest, and support from their parents. For seniors who find the training program too easy at first, ways to support motivation will do. For example, to support a child in learning, you can use bidforwriting.com/case-study and this will help a lot in order to motivate a child to study. And so your child will be able to cope with homework and he will be able to avoid all sorts of overloads.

Poor school choice

When looking for a school for a child, parents are guided by certain criteria. But they do not always take into account the characteristics and needs of the child himself, so even the most well-prepared child for school can find himself in uncomfortable conditions. But in order to overcome these uncomfortable conditions, you need to learn how to properly use the material that is given for homework. Using the college essay writing service, you can overcome all sorts of uncomfortable conditions associated with learning. In this way, the child will be ready under any conditions that will be at school.

If the child has no visible reasons for not wanting to go to school, he copes with his studies and does not conflict with anyone, try to understand whether the atmosphere at school matches the character of your first-grader. Think about what might cause him negative emotions.

Listen to what he tells about his school life, try to find stressors. It can be anything - too much workload, the psychological climate in the classroom, noise and crampedness at breaks. By identifying the source of stress, you can try to eliminate it or at least reduce it. The option of changing schools is, of course, too radical; everything can turn out to be much simpler.Reason six: low cognitive activity

The desire to learn arises when a person sees the meaning in it, and the meaning appears if there is a need for new knowledge. However, modern children, like adults, are in an oversaturated information environment. Information is not only readily available, it is actively forced upon us. The child also receives an excessive flow of content presented beautifully and excitingly. School knowledge against this background is “lost”, especially if their relevance is not obvious to the child. In addition, for their assimilation, you still need to work hard.
The first step that should be taken to correct the situation is to limit the flow of information and create at least a small deficit of impressions.

Analyze the main sources of information for your child and try to make sure that the school was among them in the first place

The second step is to increase in the eyes of the child the relevance of the knowledge that he receives in the classroom. Again, you have to be creative.

It is not always clear to modern schoolchildren why they need to learn to write and count, if everyone is already actively using voice assistants, bank cards and other achievements of civilization. And yet, for first-graders, you can still come up with some attractive incentives.

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