CureCoin Opens Up Limited “Legacy Folder” Spots – Celebrate Your Folding Legacy and Our 10th Anniversary!

Calling all CureCoin veterans!

As we gear up for our 10th anniversary celebration on May 5th, 2024, we’re thrilled to announce a special way to honor our most dedicated folders: Limited-edition “Legacy Folder” spots are now open!

Are you a protein-powerhouse who’s been folding for at least 5 years or amassed an impressive 5 billion folding points? If so, this is your chance to claim your rightful place among our folding legends

As a Legacy Folder, you’ll enjoy:

  • Special recognition: Stand out in our Discord server with a custom rank, showcasing your folding legacy and celebrating our 10-year milestone.
  • Generous bounty: Earn a 100 CureCoin bonus for every year you’ve folded or every 1 billion points you’ve earned (up to a maximum of 10 billion). That’s right, your dedication pays off!
  • Community involvement: Share your knowledge and expertise with newcomers, fostering a vibrant folding community and ensuring the next generation of CureCoin heroes.

Here’s the exciting schedule for Legacy Folder openings:

  • February: 2 spots
  • March: 1 spot
  • April: 1 spot
  • May: 2 spots

Don’t miss your chance! Apply today if you meet the criteria (5 years of folding or 5 billion points). The application process is quick and easy – we just need to verify your folding points ownership. Remember, privacy is our top priority, so we won’t ask for any sensitive information.

Ready to join the ranks of folding legends and celebrate our 10th anniversary in style? Head over to our Discord server, contact a core team member, and submit your application. We can’t wait to welcome you to this exclusive group!

Click here to join the Curecoin Discord

Together, let’s fold on!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our previous announcement about the upcoming 25% rewards reduction (soft halving) on May 5th to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

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