Team Members


Josh Smith


Founder / Developer

Open source software fanatic. I have a vision to see team Curecoin produce a exaflop of computational research power. Involved with blockchain tech since 2012. Programmer, investor and trader of cryptocurrency. Team leader of the fastest Distributed Computing Network team on earth.

Max Sanchez


Senior Developer

Maxwell Sanchez has been developing for the blockchain technology space since 2012. He wrote the first GUI for Peercoin, created remote management and configuration software for cgminer in the days of GPU-based Scrypt mining, and has written and optimized OpenCL and CUDA GPU mining software for projects like Siacoin and PascalCoin. He has been one of the lead developers of Curecoin since its inception in May of 2014, and is currently building a senior board member of Veriblock. Current projects include quantum-computer-resistant, highly-scalable blockchain infrastructure for the next generation of Curecoin (2.0 or later).

Community Ambassadors

Ivan Tuma


Technology Advocate

Engineer and Entrepreneur –  Curecoin contributor since 2014. I help promote the Curecoin Project on social media, manage our 501(c)(3) charity sponsor relations. I also help implement Agile project planning, and bug tracking methodologies. To me, Curecoin demonstrates how forward-thinking companies and individuals can utilize idle computer equipment to to accelerate medical research. The resulting tokens earned can help subsidise equipment upgrades, fund corporate health & wellness rewards, AND support philanthropic endeavors. Few “alts” besides Curecoin create a hedge for contributors AND a vehicle for Loyalty Rewards and Rewarded Giving marketing concepts.

Jake Wiser


Marketing and Networking

I’ve been on the crypto scene since 2011. Now I’m educating others on how to navigate the sometimes-confusing world of bitcoin and crypto spaces.

As a blockchain expert and an early adopter of coin exchanges, I have built a network of over 22,000 crypto influencers, experts, community leaders, and developers. I focus primarily on creating science blockchains designed to help energize the fields of science, education, and technology. I’ve also served as the senior strategic planner for CureCoin, the secretary to Neureal (the first A.I. blockchain project), and acted as liaison for numerous altcoins.

Today, I serve as a sought-after advisor to startup companies in the crypto space or those utilizing blockchain technology. I also work as a community leader, helping startup and crypto communities come together to empower people-specifically disadvantaged populations.

I love helping people any way I can- from helping rebuild a home to organizing the next crypto conference. When I’m not helping others, I enjoy horseback riding, traveling with my close friends, and making new friends along the way.

Kyle Johnson


Tech Support, Admin, Mod and Web Dev.

 I’m your ordinary family man with a folding hobby.  I’ve been in the IT world for 15 years supporting all things technology in and outside of various school districts.

Tim Gottleber, PHD


I have been playing with computers since 1972.  I currently have a B.S. in Wildlife Management, the first (to my knowledge) M.S. in Computer Assisted Instruction both of these from Michigan State University.  I have a Ph. D. from the University of North Texas in College Teaching with a speciality in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems.  I have been a full time professor at North Lake College since 1992.  I’m married to the talented and beautiful Susan.

Alex Eaton

Public Relations

Veteran turned Crypto evangelist. Last 4 years has been spent bringing infrastructure to bitcoin education through videos, podcasts, webinars, and outreach. Currently teaching about all things Bitcoin and trusted Altcoins. CEO of bitcoin beginner box, a cryptocurrency starter kit. Co-host of B-libre a bitcoin podcast, and special projects coordinator for Curecoin. B.S in Business from the University of Phoenix. Lover of all things tech.

Dev Shuster


Curecoin fires my imagination for being life-like.  My accounting background leads me to know that large swaths of my profession can be automated by integrating blockchains into software to reduce tedium, errors, and costs.  Will these blockchains we create free us from bondage by paper?

Victor Manuel Clavijo


Spanish Ambassador / Web Dev

Bitcoin enthustiast since 2013, I’ve been working on Curecoin since 2016. I’m an IT consultant, Project Manager, and Web Developer currently living in Vigo, Spain.

Nuwan Karunaratne, Ph.D. – Biotech Consultant


I am an experimental biophysicist investigating protein dynamics at the nano-scale using various probing techniques. I obtained my Ph.D. from Northern Illinois University and, especially interested in understanding mechanisms behind degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.
Other than my research, I teach physics at Orange Coast College, CA.