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The Curecoin Project

  1. Donate via Paypal or Check (tax deductible)
  2. Donate via Amazon Smile (you shop Amazon Gives)
  3. Donate your Computer’s Power (do even MORE good as a small-scale or casual [email protected] participant)
  4. Donate Curecoin, bitcoin and others (ask about tax deductible crypto donations at [email protected])
  5. Total Donated to Charity: $31,553 US
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Our nonprofit division, the “CureCoin Project” has donated over $31,000 to charities. Now you can support/donate our CureCoin Project’s “Cloud Folding” system using tax deductible contributions – 90% of donations will directly supporting computational power towards Protein Folding Research on [email protected] to help scientists study diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, HIV and other very serious genetic, viral and bacterial diseases. Additionally, thanks to blockchain technology, the resulting CureCoin and FoldingCoin tokens, exchange symbols [CURE] and [FLDC], will be used to extend the non-profit CureCoin Project Cloud Folding systems in our Denver, Colorado US facility, in addition to current funding of select charities through Visions Made Viable*.

Our Donations
The Curecoin Charity Project on Twitter

“The CureCoin Project” has fiscal sponsorship from Visions Made Viable, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (tax ID number: 26-2214003). Fiscal sponsorship means that The CureCoin Project has legal and tax exempt status under a sponsoring organization which has agreed to offer us nonprofit status for donations administration. Our fiscal sponsor is Visions Made Viable, a 501(c)3 non-profit based in California and committed to helping seed projects launch, and many of which “spin-off” to become independent non-profits.

Donation funds submitted to “CureCoin” will be sent through Visions Made Viable, who manages and oversees our finances according to our budget.
See figure and donation information below.


You can make a tax deductible contribution to support The CureCoin Project’s Charity Cloud Folding via PayPal or check donation via ‘Visions Made Viable’:

Or, you can make a tax deductible contribution to support the work of CureCoin by sending a check payable to:‘Visions Made Viable’ or ‘CureCoin ‘ and Sent To:

Visions Made Viable
17595 Harvard Ave.
Suite C235
Irvine, California 92614

(please add Attn: CureCoin in the notes section of your check)

Every Amazon purchase can help research. Amazon donates part of their purchase price with every purchase using Amazon Smile … it’s easy:

“You Shop, Amazon Gives”

Just select “Visions Made Viable” in Amazon Smile, and VMV will ensure 100% of Amazon’s donation will go exclusively to support the Curecoin Project!!!

*CureCoin digital currency produced via The CureCoin Project’s private Cloud Folding systems will either be converted and re-invested into the Cloud Folding systems, or donated to our sponsored charities through Vision’s Made Viable at The CureCoin Project’s discretion. A quarterly report will be furnished to show how much was received, how many [email protected] computational points (PPD) were generated by the project, and how much was donated to our selected charities. Merged Folding will be utilized to maximize computational output and maximize donations for our selected charities through Visions Made Viable.

The CureCoin Project Charity Cloud [email protected] accounts are as follows (and you can also contribute your processing power to them as well)

Curecoin Project Rack
Curecoin Project Charity Rack

Now, even part-time or casual folders can increase their small computer’s impact on research! No token wallet required…

You can always switch to fold on behalf of the Curecoin Project (part time or full time). The cumulative effect of small contributions can have a HUGE impact on research by folding for our nonprofit Project. Collectively, even low-power casual [email protected] participants can generate LOTS of tokens to support upgrades to our more powerful charity cloud equipment AND to fund charities. This helps maintain market stability for the tokens, and reduces the impact of “folding silos” by letting everyone participate in Curecoin – whether for profit, or charity.

Here’s how:

Folding@home NACL Chrome Client
[email protected] NACL Chrome Client Settings


Folding@home Full Client
[email protected] Full Client Settings


The non-profit CureCoin Project Private Cloud Folding rack is ready to contribute to research with the help of your generous donations. The CureCoin LLC public for-profit Cloud Folding store is ready to let your earn CURE at for those who want to commission convenient cloud folding to help generate their own CureCoins without the need to purchase expensive equipment.

Contributions to The CureCoin Project are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and its fiscal sponsor, Visions Made Viable, provided no goods or services for your contribution.”

Where Can I Donate CureCoins


Folding @ Home

Donate CureCoin to the Folding @ Home project and help us support Pande Labs at Stanford.

See what donations will be used for at Stanford’s website.
2700.00 CURE


Donate CureCoin to the CureCoin project.

Our goal with this fund is to get registered as a 501(c)3 Charity, fund our Social-Media promos like giveaways, website, forum and IRC maintenance.

2.998 CURE


ANTRUK & Bonfils (60/40)

* 60% Donated CureCoins go to Antibiotic Research UK World’s first charity to fight Antibiotic Resistance.
Learn More on the ANTRUK homepage.
* 40% Donated CureCoins go to Bonfils Blood Center
Part of national Blood Systems, Inc. providing a safe & adequate blood supply along with transfusion research.
Learn More on the Bonfils Blood Center homepage.
7.00 CURE

ThumbsUp International

Donate CureCoin to ThumbsUp International

Experiencing life’s promise by matching abled bodied and adaptive athletes to compete in swim, bike, run and triathlon events.

Learn More on the ThumbsUp International homepage.

0.00 CURE


Flood Relief – US (Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Texas and Florida) plus Sierra Leone Funds

* Donations to US flood relief will be split between Red Cross and Salvation Army…
Learn More on the Red Cross homepage.
Learn More on the Salvation Army homepage.
* Donations to The Sierra Leone Aid Project will be processed through EnlightAid
Learn More on the homepage (Organized by Kids Compassion TLC).


Donations since Curecoin’s Inception equal over $31,000 US

Total Donations Since 2014 Inception
Total Donations Since 2014 Inception
  • Stanford University [email protected] / Pande Labs $10,724.38
  • Antibiotic Research UK (university, scientists & clinicians) $3,308.69
  • Bonfils Blood Center (Blood Donations & Transfusion Medicine) $2,415.07
  • ThumbsUp International (Helping Disabled Athletes) $2,323.17
  • Salvation Army Hurricane Relief $1,321.81
  • Visions Made Viable (incubator/sponsor) $1,879.85
  • Kids Compassion (Education Sierra Leone) $1,545.94
  • Sierra Leone Aid Project $1,000.00
  • Red Cross (Hurricane Harvey Relief) $660.90
  • Red Cross (Hurricane Irma Relief) $660.90
  • Antibiotic Action UK $551.36
  • Stanford University Foundation $500.00
  • Dream Medical Center – Rwanda $585.30
  • Dragon Masters (Childhood Brain Cancer Research) $584.29
  • CDC Foundation Helping CDC do More, Faster $603.81
  • Ubuntu (Open Source Operating Systems) $300.65
  • One America Appeal – Puerto Rico/USVI Hurricane Relief $300.00
  • Against Malaria $300.00
  • Greek America Foundation’ PROJECT HOPE FOR GREECE $300.00
  • Concern Worldwide (SIERRA LEONE) $250.00
  • Medical GoFundMe Samuel Leroy $250.00
  • Medical GoFundMe Help Dave fight a brain tumor! $250.00
  • Medical GoFundMe Tara’s Stroke Recovery $250.00
  • Ladies in Transit CDC (Homeless and Veterans Issues) $186.07
  • Evergreen Coin (Solar Staker Project) $172.30
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc. (Pramod Khakural) $137.84
  • Ogun Kaptan family (Florida based Curecoin friends affected by Irma) $100.00
  • U-Foundation (Clinics & Agricultural Education – Zambia) $90.86

Total Donations Since Curecoin’s Inception (2014) $31,553.19