CureCoin Reaches #2 Ranking on Folding@home in Under Three Years


Great news for all of the folks on team Curecoin who fold proteins using their PC’s, Macs and Laptops (and everyone watching from the sidelines). Looking at our “stats”, you’ll notice something spectacular. With speeds blazing over 14 petaFLOPS*, our team has managed to secure a well deserved #2 ranking on Folding@home’s (FAH) global network. FAH has a 16 year history with over 1.7 million registered accounts. Within that framework, the CureCoin team has outperformed the combined efforts of top individuals and several corporate sponsored teams – including Google. Today, one CURE digital coin represents up to 28,000 PPD** worth of computational research! The Curecoin team wants to tip our hats and send all of you a virtual round of applause… (including a very sincere thank you to our merge-folding peers at FoldingCoin)


We’d like to take a moment to send a shout-out to one of our folders. Special thanks to Mr. Ed Olkkola, username “PS3EdOlkkola”, for continuing to help make team Curecoin pump out MASSIVE computational research numbers! At over 12 billion points and counting Mr. Olkkola now holds 1st place for individual points earned on the ENTIRE Folding@home network – even surpassing all “anonymous” contributors combined. He continues a friendly competition with another folder going by username “war” however; with 2 data centers and custom systems configured by Ed Olkkola himself, he has managed to prove he’s winning the battle with an average over 31 million points (PPD) per day! Since all this computational research helps the advancement of medicine research, we all become winners in the process. Incidentally, Mr. Olkkola donates all CureCoins [CURE] he generates to the CureCoin Project and CureCoin llc to help fund worthy causes today, and interesting features tomorrow.

Again, we just want to take a moment to congratulate everyone on team Curecoin for this amazing accomplishment. Combined we’re contributing of over 14% of the total network speed for Folding@home – that’s not too shabby. To all of you reading this who are NOT currently folding, it’s not too late to get in on the action. Just head over to curecoin.net to get started today!

Thanks and Happy Folding,
The CureCoin Team

Additional Details:

The CureCoin team is a protein folding team 224497 on the Stanford University worldwide Folding@home network. The CureCoin blockchain and CURE alternative currency reward system are independent from Stanford School of Medicine.

* Percentage of overall petaFLOPS does not factor in Quick Return Bonus (QRB) points
** (Team CureCoin Total PPD) / 7488

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