Team CureCoin reaches 5th All-Time status in 5 Months

#5 in 5 Months!

It’s been 5 months since CureCoin launched to the public, and we’ve just reached #5 in the all-time points standings for Folding@Home. Okay, so there were a few points from early testers so we’re sort of fudging the “5 months” a little – but let us have our moment.

It’s been a great run, but even more exciting is that this represents only the beginning for CureCoin. Don’t take my word for it, though – let’s look at some data about our Folding Exploits.

By the Numbers

As of this moment, the team has earned a total of 13,742,756,342 points. That’s 13.7 billion tiny steps towards invaluable medical research. Each day, we’re producing 46,442,156 points – still more than any other team, though our closest competitor is only 7M behind us. They’re a dedicated and long-lived team (and number one of all time), but what we’ve done in just a few months tells me we can keep up with them daily, and eventually surpass them in Total points.

Over the years, that team has had 15,057 users, and 524 are considered “Active” today. Team CureCoin has accomplished our rise, however, with only 1,962 users since launch. And even though we have dwindled to 312 “Active” folders, we still produce more than their 524. This means that we’re simply bringing more power-per-user – that’s something to be proud of.

Get Hyped

Our rise so far vindicates one of the core beliefs that drove CureCoin’s early creation. We believe that the CryptoCurrency Community contains an enormous amount of computing power, and if we can turn that computing power towards a noble cause we can accomplish some amazing things.

Team CureCoin has produced more points in a few months – and therefore more research work – than all but 4 long-standing teams. This is but a tiny fraction of the amount of computing power that is out there in the hands of AltCoin miners, gamers, and other folks. As our development continues, CureCoin will expand to include more valuable projects and more powerful contributors. The possibility of bringing more and more of this computing power into the service of useful Research is truly awesome.

If you’re excited too, be sure to share that with your friends, family, and coworkers! And if you’re a Coin Miner, consider turning some of your resources towards CureCoin to give them a workload that you can be proud of. Spread the word of CureCoin far and wide, and let’s get some Science done!

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