Results of the New Logo Contest

The submissions were arrayed, the votes tallied, and the results were – more troublesome than expected.

The Logo Contest was started by some motivated community members who weren’t happy with the current logo. The Dev Team didn’t have a problem with the current logo, but in the spirit of community the logo contest was allowed to grow. One dev even contributed the lion’s share of the reward, and we hosted the poll on the website. Still, this was a community effort, community funded and driven. The results were not meant to be binding.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. The voting limits were gamed by using IP address changers to repeatedly vote, fraudulently. Most of this activity left telltale signs in the vote logs, including periodic bursts of rapidly timed votes from sequential IPs in the same IP block. Upon lookup of a given group, they all belonged to a single datacenter, and live views of site traffic would show multiple simultaneous hits on the page from a single location as the votes came in. These votes could be removed, though there is potential for accidental removal of valid votes as well.

It has taken a few days to examine the votes and determine which we believe to be fraudulent. Now freshly sorted, the team and IRC community worked together to pick their favorite, informed by the voting from the community.

In the Original Post on BitCoinTalk, it was mentioned that the reward might be split between the crowd favorite and the team favorite. The bounty donators have decided to go this route, and the selections are as follows:

2nd Place (community pick) – 50 CureCoins

mmihail – Silver Caduceus

The Winner – 250 CureCoins


Carp’s winning entry is a 3D render, which is versatile. It retains the look of the original, which was a Caduceus-inspired look using a Double Helix and wings. You may see this new logo format start showing up in a variety of locations, should the team choose to implement it.

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