When will I Start to Earn CureCoins?

Each Work Unit can take hours to days to finish. After finishing, the work is sent to the Folding@Home servers where it undergoes a verification process. Only after this are your Points officially scored.

The CureCoin pool located at CryptoBullionPools.com checks the servers once a day for the latest information and calculates your 24-hour average and estimates your payouts.

You can find the pool-side points under “Your 24 Hour Folding Points” in the left-hand sidebar of the pool website. NOTE: The “Team Points” section shows “0” at all times, so don’t be alarmed.

Additionally, the Stats page will show 0 PPD and 0.000 CUR/Day(est). This can also be ignored.

Below this you’ll find “Current Payout Est.” and “Account Balance.” Current Payout Est. updates when the 24-Hour Points update, once a day, and will reflect your portion of the daily CureCoin payout.


Typical flow is as follows:

3 PM EST – Stats Update, CureCoins pay from pool Account Balance to Wallet

3:30-4 PM EST – Payout Estimate pays into Account Balance

IMPORTANT: YOU MAY NOT EARN CURECOINS FOR UP TO 72 HOURS AFTER WORK UNITS ARE ACCEPTED! This is a much longer period of time than you might be expecting if you’re from a background in GPU Mining. Be patient. Once the points begin accruing on a regular basis, they should reflect your total PPD as estimated in the Folding@Home Client. If you’d like to be sure the Folding Points are being credited to your account, check the Folding@Home Donor Stats page.

If you’d like to estimate your CureCoin payouts, see this KB article to better understand the daily distribution.

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