Cloud Folding

Would you like to contribute to protein folding research while earning Curecoin, but you don’t have a high-end GPU?
Do you live in an an area with poor internet access, or costly electrical power?

Curecoin has the answer: presenting Cloud Folding! By simply purchasing cloud time, or donating to the Curecoin Project, you will help research cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Diabetes, HIV and several other Infectious Diseases.

The Curecoin cloud is divided into two divisions…

  1. Commercial Cloud Folding Store (We fold, you keep the coins).
    1. Located in Bay City, Michigan – the curecoin cloud brings a next generation vision for America’s former manufacturing hubs.
  2. Non-Profit Cloud Folding for the Curecoin Project (support Cloud Folding with your tax deductible donation): 
    1. Donation via Paypal and your credit card
    2. Donate via Check
    3. Or simply shop with Amazon Smile – You Shop, Amazon Gives: Amazon will help fund Curecoin Cloud Folding when you select “Visions Made Viable” – our 501(c)3 incubator. VMV has allocated 90% of their Amazon Smile channel to fund Curecoin Cloud Folding.
      1. Shopping with Amazon Smile is not tax deductible because Amazon gives from 1% to 5% of your purchase price to charity.

Curecoin’s cloud folding “farm” is composed of modern GPU and CPU hardware donated by Curecoin team members and other crypto-currency miners located in the United States.

Curecoin cloud folding has customers spanning the globe: United States, Brazil, Morocco, Spain, Italy, UK, Nigeria, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, and many others.

Even with limited internet access and equipment, you can still contribute to protein folding research, and still earn Curecoin. Although our Cloud Folding is no substitute for having your own rig, you’ll still find our rates beat most any other cloud folding service available.

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