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 Curecoin wallet client (curecoin-qt) can be installed on your Windows 7 (and up) system

 Download the latest Portable Client Windows QT wallet CurecoinWindowsClientvx-x-x.zip from here 

Download the wallet

Unzip the files into the folder of your choice (hopefully a logical place).

Optionally create a shortcut to your new curecoin-qt.exe on your desktop

Ensure you maintain your network connectivity on your *secure PC for the next steps

First Steps

Open your new Windows CureCoin QT wallet and allow it to synchronize with the CureCoin network
this can take some time depending on the speed of your internet connection and your systems resources)

Once synchronized (you will see a green check-mark in the lower right corner of the app, you can proceed to step

Create an additional Receiver Address under the “Receive coins” tab (optional)

Click “New Address” in the lower left

Create a human readable label for your wallet

The wallet will create a 34 character alpha-numeric “Receiver Address” on the CureCoin blockchain

(This is often referred to as a “Public Key” which you share in order to receive payment for your goods, services, withdrawals from pools or exchanges, or even donations to your charity)

Populate your ‘Address Book’ 

Click “New Address” in the lower left

Create a human readable label for your common recipient’s address

The wallet will require the 34 character alpha-numeric “Receiver Address” of your recipient.

This is referred to as your recipient’s “Public Key” to which you send payment for their goods, services, exchanges accounts, or even donations to a charity.

Now you are ready to do business with your wallet – AND even earn a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) as a means of “earning interest” for letting your wallet participate in the CureCoin network, in helping confirm other’s transactions, and ultimately securing the network.

Be sure to learn how to Encrypt your wallet AND how to Backup Your wallet to ensure your Curecoin’s can be preserved long-term in cold-storage.