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In order to protect your legacy of helping scientists search for new cures, you really need to protect your CureCoin wallet from hackers, or other nefarious actors. The best way to do this, is to encrypt your wallet.


Encrypting your wallet is easy (keep in mind, there’s NO WAY to reset your password if you lose it !!!)

Open your CureCoin QT wallet client.

First create an unencrypted backup of your wallet just in case you ever lose your passkey in the future

Store this in a safe place per Backup instructions.

Select “Settings” from the upper left corner of the client app.

Select “Encrypt Wallet…”

Create a passkey … something logical to you, but extremely difficult to hack:

Example: “E@rnCureCoinF0rH3lping$cient|stsInv3stig@teNewDruGs”

Copy this passphrase to a text file on a secure SSD, secure SSD thumb-drive, or a secure external backup drive on your home or office network).

Recommended… also print a copy of your passkey and store it in a flood-proof/fire-proof secure home safe or bank safety deposit box.


Remember, if you lose track of your passkey from an encrypted wallet, your coins will be locked in the blockchain unless you can recover your wallet using an unencrypted .dat file!!!

Once you save the passphrase, you will notice the small padlock icon in the lower right hand corner will appear locked, and a message in the lower left corner of the wallet will say:

“Info: Minting Suspended due to locked wallet”This means the wallet will not be able to earn stake while it is in a locked state (more on this in the “Minting” article)