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Purchasing Curecoin works similar to bitcoin and other altcoins


    1. Find a Curecoin exchange  
    2. Similar to the stock market, you can place:
      1. Stop-Limit Orders
      2. Market orders
      3. Margin Trading (on some)
      4. Exchanges all have Fees for your trading activity
    3. Convert your local currency to bitcoin (check local laws).
      1. Some exchanges allow for purchase of bitcoin for fiat (USD) money directly on the exchange! 
    4. Use your bitcoin to place “buy” bids on Curecoin on the exchange, market symbol [CURE]. 
    5. You can now use your CURE in:
      1. The emerging Curecoin marketplace on CoinPayments
      2. Conduct business in Peer-2-Peer transactions
      3. Trade CURE based on market conditions, or transfer them to your wallet for long-term cold storage.
        1. You can deposit, withdraw and transfer your Curecoins very easily – even between exchanges!
        2. Follow cryptocurrency market conditions, do your due diligence (DD), before buying and selling your coins to gain the biggest advantage!
      4. Donate your CURE to the Curecoin Project (covers multiple charities), or to the charity of your choice.


  • Note: If you don’t plan on trading your CURE regularly, we recommend you withdraw you CURE to your wallet client and back it up.
  • You can benefit from earning stake (PoS) on your CURE while they reside in your wallet – something you cannot do on any exchange.
  • If you decide to leave your Curecoin on exchanges for extended periods of time, you are giving away your stake to the the exchange.
  • It is never a good idea to use and exchange account in lieu of your own secure wallet. An exchange account is no substitute for cold storage.


*  Curecoin does not own, employ or work for any cryptocurrency trading exchange.

** Curecoin does not control coins at the exchanges and if you have a discrepancy it must be settled with the exchange in question.