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To truly own a cryptocurrency, you must become your own bank. Curecoin is no exception.

In order to preserve your CureCoin balance for a long-term legacy, or to leverage you balance for minting (aka staking) to earn Proof-of-Stake (PoS) – similar to earning interest in a bank, you need to be able to backup your CureCoin wallet.

This also makes your wallet portable across computing platforms

Open your CureCoin QT wallet client

Select “File” from the upper left corner of the client app.

Select “Backup Wallet…”

Pick a backup location, preferably on a secure SSD thumb-drive, or a secure external backup drive on your home or office network).

It is recommended you keep your backups in a flood-proof/fire-proof secure home safe or bank safety deposit box.

Name your backup .dat file using some logical convention (preferably including the date)

ie. CureCoin_Wallet_Backup_John_05162017.dat

Recommended backup strategy

Create a backup after the first small deposit of CureCoin

Backup your wallet(s) at least on a financial year’s quarterly basis. This will ensure a quick recovery in case the PC or Mac holding your wallet experiences a catastrophic hardware failure.

Warning: If you encrypt your wallet (recommended), you must make a backup of the newly encrypted wallet to maintain access in the case of a disaster recovery event.