Update 5/30

By LasersHurt
Webmaster, CureCoin.net

It’s been about a week, so it’s surely time for another brief update from the CureCoin team. Here’s how we’re hanging:

Community News

On the forum, there’s a new section called “Marketing.” Users are putting together information to help spread information about CureCoin’s merits.

One such effort is a fundraiser to send a CureCoin delegation to a booth at The North American Bitcoin Conference’s 2014 conference in Chicago on July 19th & 20th. Check this out, as it’s a great opportunity to get the CureCoin word out to a lot of valuable people. If you can, donate a little bit to the fundraiser to help us get there.

Another user has compiled a list of ways you can help get the word out, like voting on exchanges or joining the CureCoin Reddit.


Some work here is underway, but isn’t quite ready to be revealed yet. A bit of a tease, yes, but enjoy the antici-*

Here at Home

Translations are underway. French is ready for review, and Bulgarian and German are claimed.

Russian and Chinese remain unclaimed, so remember to chip in for a higher bounty to encourage a translator, or offer to translate if you’ve got what it takes.

Across the Web

CureCoin is listed on CoinMarketCap, and is now showing a more accurate market cap estimate, following changes earlier this week.

We’re also listed on CryptoCoinRank, which has an informative page, and we received a mention on Union Square Ventures too.


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