Language Bounties

Come out and play, Translators, as it’s time for us to step up our efforts for our international visitors. We’re putting out a bounty in the name of good communication!

You may have noticed that there is now a Google Translate feature on each page – this is good, but not perfect. To go the extra mile, we need fluent, native translations of our key languages. The plan is to start with the most important documents:

What is CureCoin?
How do I start folding for CureCoin?
How is the Currency divided up?
Link Titles in the Knowledge Base

Our Targets

Language User Claimed Current Bounty Bounty Address
Bulgarian {source}{/source} CURE B8yRp4gfAhCrx8A8YLkN2QWFSstN1Sey5E
French Ricorei 60 CURE Translation Complete
German {source}{/source} CURE B98v4qzHK78dWtJK4NPFf4XsrMZG8XbhXP
Russian {source}{/source} CURE BHZY8DgJPeeXeTA7zQSD7KfoR9i4EgdFBZ
Chinese {source}{/source} CURE BCQEBfrivq3yjznEqPN1TKHhZBC6Jvg65x



Assigned, Incomplete

The first 60 CURE for the first 5 languages has been seeded by our Team. To add to the Bounty, simply send CURE to the address listed. Amounts shown in table will be updated manually, so thanks for your patience after donating.

Claiming and Completing a Translation

To offer your translation services and claim a language, email [email protected] or stop into the CureCoin Chat to request a language to translate.

When finished, submit your translation via email to [email protected]. Format your translations in Matched Paragraphs with the English so they’re easily compared and followed.* The Translation will be posted in a Review area and feedback will be solicited to ensure that it’s a good, usable translation. After a review period of no more than one week, you’ll receive your payments for the translation and it will go live on the website.

Other Languages

At this time, we’re only pre-seeding the top languages seen visiting the site.

To add a new language, email [email protected] or stop into the CureCoin Chat to request the language. We’ll respond with a new CureCoin address – add your bounty, and once confirmed we’ll add the language to the list.

“The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.”
“Le renard brun rapide saute par dessus le chien paresseux.”

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