Latest Donations to Stanford’s Pande Labs

CureCoin’s Latest Donations to Folding at Home (Pande Labs)

CureCoin converted an additional 280,000 CURE donations into over $2200 USD.

A VERY special thanks to our top folder – Ed Olkkola, without whose massive donations of over 260,000 CURE, generated purely from his contributions to protein folding research, we could not have gotten this far.

This includes Ed’s generous donations to our experimental crowdfund for Endometriosis Research. Although the fund did not reach the required critical-mass, we learned so much, and we want to continue experimenting with alternative research funding in the future. We helped raised awareness; not only for Folding @ Home, but for the potential of CureCoin to fund new research. Most importantly, we helped put a spotlight on the disease itself, and on the need to help the millions who suffer from its debilitating consequences. Thank you to everyone who viewed our pages and helped us craft a reasonable approach to the research.

As planned, the donated Curecoin (symbol CURE) plus their associated stake earnings have been sold thru Bittrex and Livecoin exchanges, as well as thru private sales. After conversion to USD they have been donated to Folding@Home in three transactions throughout February, 2016.

Do you want to understand the costs behind producing this much research on Folding@Home?
* See our cost estimator spreadsheet from Dec 2015 showing 12 Equipment profiles.
* Estimate your own costs with our online calculator(beta).
You may be surprised 🙂

Thanks and Happy Folding,
The CureCoin Team.


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