Curecoin Booster Shot Initiative Extreme Success!

The Booster Shot has lifted off with a great deal of “Boost”! Initial stake blocks have produced roughly ~1.7M CURE! The target rate of usage for the Booster fund is ~60k to 120k CURE per month.

  • Initial focus of funding will be better marketing and advertising budget
  • New bounties will be posted for community contributions. Bounty goals will range from app development to promotional work.
  • Approved new partnerships will be eligible to receive CURE, to submit an application for partnership please use this form

Booster Shot Addresses

Wallet 1 address BBibu2eVEtWhYTckS8u63Mjk2ur1FLAxCn

Wallet 2 address BFPVG2ErQ3QKnLfuaZJkHLk3cupmhkyLhT

Wallet 3 address BHPxe5PU1euR12nAFUh3CDK1xTB5sWq9pa

Wallet 4 address BNrqDvtxfC6hb1xkvV85koSQr3ZisH9fcq

Wallet 5 address BS7rqRpEqZW5M9LwoTTydVy2wd9CSnh4iY

Wallet 6 address BFUuWNkjJ4cK9Z3bHBm9ntNg3AjEVxGFCM

Wallet 7 address BPFAbhUEKD7JLsV8wgbSQm2SvtL236kzGT

Wallet 8 address BBmYCxiAHwC9uGLb5hDCEoQ6NzZ3R3Ts58

Wallet 9 address B4yvwz15H9Thuhfe6NZbZWAXF7i1J1wt8S

Wallet 10 address BSEJqPGqbrYSLDDRfH5kLrcKjJxDS5AvJ5

Wallet 11 address BKaQZr9BkkynmmcHXh1NqSmX9Dg4bQTGN8

Bounties TBA – Link will be available here

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