Android Folding Client – Curecoin Giveaway

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Instructions Posted Below – Good Luck !

Android Folding Curecoin Giveaway

1000 CURE Giveaway Rules! (client only available for Android users for now, sorry)
12 Prizes split across Facebook & Twitter:
(2) 225 CURE Grand Prizes, (2) 75 CURE, (8) 50 CURE
Contest Ends September 30, 2017

  • Download & Run Sony’s Folding@home App to your Android Phone (see link below)
    • The App only runs when your phone is using Wi-fi and is plugged into a charger (with a 98% charge)
  • Reply with BOTH Public Google Play Name* and Curecoin Wallet address**
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Current Curecoin Price Quote from Coingecko (check blue USD or BTC):

Download Sony Xperia Folding@home Client to your Android:

Download Wallet to create receiver address (example: B4HRZ8zV7rBkgEKLu3yqNrHS1b2ySsvVCZ):
Create and account on either Bittrex or Livecoin exchanges to get a receiver address:

* Make sure you’ve earned at least an Aminoacid Badge (3 hours)
** Please check your local regulations on Bitcoin before entering. Unclaimed prizes will be donated to the Curecoin Project non-profit cloud folding. In case of invalid Curecoin addresses, winnings will also be donated to Cloud Folding. Data charges may apply when downloading the app – check your plan.

CURE Tokens Trade for bitcoin on Bittrex and Livecoin Exchanges

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