Cloud Folding

Cloud folding is the new cloud mining.

Cloud folding for CureCoin is different than regular cryptocurrency mining because these specialized custom built protein folding computers are working on scientific medical simulations.

You can see the progress of the “Curecloud” here…

[email protected] Stats link

EOC Stats link

When you use the cloud folding system your points will be reflected under the “Curecloud” username legacy.

You earn CURE tokens by becoming a part the cloud and folding with [email protected] on team CureCoin. The Cure cloud system keeps up to date Nvidia, AMD, and Intel hardware. Cure cloud systems have both liquid and air cooling for stability.  Systems are not overclocked due to the nature of stability requirements of [email protected] research.

All you need to be a part of the fold AND earn tokens with cloud folding is a Curecoin address. Don’t have one?  The software is free and opensource! Get the wallet

Cloud folding store products are available again in limited quantity. More cloud options will be offered soon.  

*Disclaimer – and Curecoin developers can not guarantee 100% up time on cloud folding systems, gpu time, or back end distribution. All efforts will be made to give customers a good experience with the cloud folding systems.

Update – Pre 2019 cloud customers have been caught up with old balances. Some systems were destroyed by a flash flood causing down time for cloud folding services. New systems have been built and are running smoothly with updates being released to ensure up time.