New Logo Voting

The community has put out a bounty for a new logo (300 CureCoin!) and now it’s time to vote. Review all of the entries below, then vote for your favorite! You can vote once per day, and voting ends on June 3rd at midnight, Eastern US time.

Keep Current Logo


Thom – Round Coin

A Round Coin design by Thom

Thom – Hex Coin

A Hex Coin Design by Thom

Thom – Winged Hex Coin

Thom – Winged Round Coin

Thom – Black and White

Thom – Round Silhouette Coin

Thom – Hex Silhouette Coin

Liutiaoming1 – Cloud

Liutiaoming1 – DNA Man

Liutiaoming1 – Pink

SomeRelax – Coin

SomeRelax – Symbol Only

Swift42 – Caduceus

Swift42 – Rod of Asclepius


durnkenWiz – Heart

durnkenWiz – Caduceus

mmihail – Coin

mmihail – Colors

mmihail – Colors 2

mmihail – Silver Caduceus

mmihail – Silver Rod of Asclepius

MyMenace – Coin

MyMenace – Bear

Link to Display and Web Mockup


See360 – Ribbon

See360 – Rx

Logo video demo


Dark Version




Daily and Hourly Stats

This page displays Daily and Hourly stats. Due to the nature of folding and the way the stats update, you might not be listed in the hourly, and the daily might be blank – don’t panic, this is natural and expected.

These stats pages are in BETA at the moment.