Client Update – v1.9.2.1

The client can be downloaded here

To ease some concerns about a lack of active development, we will be posting more blog and video content moving forward. Admittedly, it has not been easy to find public updates on recent work.

The team is putting in a lot of hours every week, with many people anxious to join the team to help. We are settling into a better organization system to handle the increased team size and plan to expand very soon. At this point in time, there are 10 members on the core team.

We also encourage you to look at our recent folding production coming out of the Curecoin team. We are continually reaching new records, with a new record broken today.

At 350,000,000 points over the past 24 hours, we have surpassed our previous daily record of 339M points (our new record from yesterday). At the same time, each Curecoin is now valued at $.18 USD, surpassing all previous records since our ICO. The Curecoin community channels, including Slack and Google Hangouts, have been consistently active with many more discussions about upgrading/expanding folding rigs to increase research output and gain more coins.

The recent client update focuses on both network security and functionality. In addition, there was also some tweaks to the GUI (to clean it up) and we have little more info on the main tab. Blockchain sync times should be faster, especially from a fresh sync. We also added, for now, an updated alert key to alert the Curecoin users of the upcoming mandatory updates that we need to release to get closer to 2.0 version launch.

 Thanks for folding!

Mobile Wallet (Online Mobile Hot Wallet)


The folks at have created a mobile wallet for both Android and iOS which includes CURE.

Best of all, it includes a full suite of merchant tools which covers over 60 altcoins!!!

So easy,this is Crypto your Grandma can use”.

  1. Go to Coinpayments page to download the latest wallet:
    • A note from Coinpayments:
      1. You only need this ONE Crypto Currency App: 55 Coins Wallets + Simple to use POS, Price Calculations in 27 Fiat Currency, Vaults, $PayByName … from the 1st. Alt Coin Payment Processor –
        “The Future Proof choice.”
        “The United Nations of Crypto Wallets…”
        * 55 Coins in ONE App
        * Mobile POS – Accept 60+ Coins, Taxes, Tipping
        * Send, Receive, Convert & Store in Your Wallets
        * 27 Fiat Currency Price Calculations
        * Multi Signature Hot and Cold Wallets for extra security
        * Transaction History
        * Secure, Simple and Fast
        * Auto Convert – Shape-Shift + more
        * Zero (0) Confirms with BitGo Instant
        * Multi-exchange dynamic price calculation
        * $PayByName – One Name that Accepts 55+ Coins (forget the QR Code & Wallet Addresses –… )

  2. Coinpayments offers businesses shopping cart plugins for all the popular webcarts used today.
    Register and install a plugin to set up CoinPayments with your new or pre-existing checkout.

  3. Now you can easily access your CoinPayments account to send and receive coins, accept POS payments in person, and exchange many of our coins anywhere you have internet access.

Note: as with any hot-wallet app, CureCoin does not recommend holding all your coins in an online hot-wallet account. The CoinPayments wallet is meant for on-the-go purchases, and is no substitute for your own wallet for long-term storage.

*  CureCoin does not own, employ or work for any payment processor (including CoinPayments).
** CureCoin does not control coins at the payment processor. If you have a discrepancy, it must be settled with the payment processor in question.