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[Sticky] [Windows] CPU+GPU: Illustrated Graphical Setup Guide - Outdated but working

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Curecoin Folding Setup Guide:

NOTE: You may have to wait a few hours for your PPD to normalize. If you see something like 1679 or 1671 for your PPD on a GPU, give it a few hours, see how well it does 🙂 Also, you will not see your stats on [email protected] until you complete a WU, and you will not receive points on the folding pool until after stanford has recorded your WU and our update system has run.

Here's how the folding pool processes earnings:
Stanford creates stats pages multiple times a day which contain all user data. Once a day, a server on our end downloads this stat page, and compares it to the one it downloaded 24 hours prior. The change in points that each user shows is then recorded as their 24 hour point increase. The folding pool, when it does its payouts, downloads this user data from our stats collection server, and adds up all the users to get a total. It then divides each user's 24-hour points by the total to get their percent contribution. This percent contribution is then multiplied by the total payout for the day (7488 CURE) and that amount is added to the account.

As a result, it is possible that you will not get any Curecoins until 24 hours after you submit a workunit.

Windows (CPU + GPU):

Youtube guide
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YEZzBZ0su E"> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YEZzBZ0suE

Topic starter Posted : 09/05/2014 4:27 am
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Thanks again Vorksholk for the amazing how to guides!

Posted : 09/05/2014 4:37 am
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Thanks for the guide!

My only question, am I supposed to use 224497 as the team number, for using any pool? Example, I'm using http://cure.cryptopools.com/ (which was shown on the curecoin.net site as a recommended pool). Should I still use 224497 as the team number in f@h? Thanks in advance.

Posted : 22/05/2014 1:03 pm
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This is actually the kind of information I have been trying to find. Thank you for sharing this information.

Posted : 19/01/2022 10:32 am