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What PPD are you getting with GPUs?

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Switched back to folding a few days ago from mining ETC/ETH. Today with the price being over 20k satoshis it is actually more profitable to fold. Mining ETC or ETH with this rig I was getting 93MH/s which translates to about 4.6 ETC or 0.6 ETH...or 0.01 BTC per day.

With the same rig I am getting ~750k folding PPD. With ~7500 CURE going to folders each day, and the last daily total for the team being ~87 million, this translates to ~65 CURE per day (750/87000 * 7500). My actual payout yesterday was 68.9, which at 20k sats translates to 0.013BTC.

30% more profit than mining ETH!

At this payout-to-PPD ratio everyone should switch to folding! And for people with nVidia cards that suck at mining anyway, all the more reason to fold now!

1. 3x R9 290 @ 250k PPD each = 750k PPD
2. AMD Phenom II 1090T @ 3.7GHz, 1.4V [s:rkbrvuh6]folding on 3 of 6 cores with 6100 PPD[/s:rkbrvuh6] Not bothering to fold on this aging CPU any more.
3. 12GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz
4. a) [s:rkbrvuh6]ASUS R9270-DC2OC-2GD5 @ 1270MHz core, 1250MHz VRAM, 1.225V[/s:rkbrvuh6] No longer in this rig.
b) [s:rkbrvuh6]GIGABYTE GV-R9270OC-2GD @ 1100MHz core, 1250MHz VRAM, 1.206V (stock) 67.8% ASIC[/s:rkbrvuh6] Just using this as my primary card to run my monitors/games but not doing any folding or mining on it anymore.
c) XFX R9-290A-EDFD 4GB @ 1025MHz core, 1250MHz VRAM, 1.061V (-25mV) 84% ASIC
d) XFX R9-290A-EDBD 4GB @ 1025MHz core, 1250MHz VRAM, 1.119V (-50mV) 75.2% ASIC
e) Gigabyte GV-R929OC-4GD @ 1025MHz core, 1250MHz VRAM, 1.125V (-37mV) 71.8% ASIC
5. Win7x64
6. [s:rkbrvuh6]Catalyst 14.4[/s:rkbrvuh6] Crimson 16.7.3

Posted : 08/09/2016 8:47 pm
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