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Selling process, an...
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Selling process, and where are we headed?

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It's been pretty dead around here. It's a shame cause we have the best coin out there. I have been folding non stop for over 2 years now. Seeing cure spike to 10 cents a coin was quite a shock this year. But now it seems to be falling back to a low point. This brings up my next question. What is the best process for selling? I know one of the exchanges I can't use due to living in New Hampshire for some reason. But the real question is, how high do you think the coin will end up going, and should I just keep holding and holding? Lets just say, if cure ever hit $1 a coin, I would have one hell of a pay day.

Topic starter Posted : 01/12/2016 7:14 pm
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There isn't really an answer to your question, that works for everyone. It's a personal thing.

My "need" for curecoin, is to offset the cost of folding, and to that end I keep about 10% of my holdings on an exchange with a sell order that will allow me to make a "substantial" upgrade.

Basically, Curecoin has allowed me to fold for free for the past year or so. (I've been folding since 2004, so anything that can help with costs going forward is great)

In regards to selling, I guess that depends on where you are. In the UK, the fastest way to get from having cure in your wallet to having real money in your bank account, is a 5 step process that takes about 2 hours on average.

Step 1 Send cure to exchange
Step 2 Sell cure for BTC
Step 3 Withdraw BTC
Step 4 Sell BTC through an online trading martketplace (this bit requires some common sense and research)
Step 5 Have ££'s deposited in your bank account.

In the UK, financial regulation is pretty tight, so the above procedure is quite routine, quick, and safe.

Posted : 01/12/2016 10:31 pm