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[Sticky] Read First Before Posting About Points or PIN  

Member Admin

Pin resets - Pin resets are no longer available. There are steps that can be taken to recover an old account. Recovery assistance is only available in rare cases for legacy folding accounts. User ID # must be less than 10,000 and the account must have more than 1 million pdd folded. It's possible to have autopay enabled on accounts up to user ID 14,000. In most cases, if you do not already have a curecoin address entered into your account settings this request likely can not be completed. If you are unable to get an old account fixed, please start a new account. 

Not seeing points - Points can take up to 24 hours to be reflected on the folding pool. Please wait this amount of time before. This wait starts AFTER you submit your first completed work unit. If you have not completed at least one work unit you will see no progress on the folding pool. Please also check that your [email protected] name matches your pool user name exactly. Verify that you are folding for team # 224497 (curecoin). You can check to see that you are submitting work correctly EOC Stats and [email protected] .

Posted : 19/12/2017 8:14 am
New Member Customer


seems like there are some problems to register new users on cryptobullionpools.

I try to register my old account BsB5068_FLDC_1NEVe1utoCpBZCtGx7t7aBXRUhvESYD4x8 , but system writes me "Account already exists. Please choose a different username."

AFAIR i did not pass registration with this name.

could you please check the registration procedure on the cryptobullionpools?

Posted : 28/12/2017 8:09 am
New Member Customer

sorry, it may be my mistake. now i can login with this name. looks like i already registered.

Posted : 12/01/2018 7:55 am
New Member Customer

i haven't seen any coins inb my wallet and i've been folding for a few days now. (4)

Posted : 28/01/2018 1:41 am
Eminent Member Customer

Anyone having issues it may be easier/quicker to get help on the CureCoin discord.

Posted : 30/01/2018 1:12 pm
New Member Customer

cant get into cryptobullionpools account, don't remember my pin;  not sure i ever registered the email

Posted : 03/02/2018 1:13 pm