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Random low PPD on 2...
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Random low PPD on 280x's  

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I am getting some trouble with some of my rigs for no apparent reason. I have 18 pretty identical rigs with same hardware,OS,bioses,drivers etc. 14 of the rigs work just fine and give me almost 500k PPD. Now 3 rigs have only three GPU's in them at the moment and all those rigs give me only half the expected PPD (170K).
And then there is one 4 card rig that only gives me 80K PPD.

Like I said the rigs are pretty much identical, The GPU utilization is 95% and CPU load 30% on all the rigs - both on the ones with a good PPD and on the ones with the bad PPD  :-

I would appreciate if anyone could point to cause of this wierd issue  🙂

Posted : 14/05/2014 4:13 pm