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profitability per specific GPU (e.g. nvidia GTX 1070)?

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I'm looking into CureCoin, and I'd love to see performance / profitability figures for GPU based mining for specific GPU, esp. nvidia GTX 1070. The profitability calculators I've seen so far assume I'd know the hash rate I can achieve, but I don't 🙂 I'd appreciate if actual performance / profitability figures would be available, e.g. for 1 GTX 1070, what is the hash rate people get, and thus what is the profitability people get.

Topic starter Posted : 23/09/2017 11:57 am

that google doc has virtually every GPU listed and this is a good estimate as to how well your GPU will do in earning points, basically its hashrate for Folding. then to calculate Income take the Points per Day (PPD) for the GPU in question from that list and divided by the difficulty, currently ~1027925936, and then multiply by 7488. (the daily reward) the number this gives you is a solid estimate as to how much CURE you will earn daily.

Posted : 26/09/2017 10:23 pm