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I need help with configuring my Cure Coin -removed link-  

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Hi, I have been folding for two removed link

On the first week I had my team set to 0, where I completed 51 WUs, and a score of 161793, but when I check the cryptobullion website everything still showed removed link After some research found that it needed to be set to 224497 to be able to earn removed link  

removed link By having all my clients (Client Advance Control) working with the team set to 0, does that mean all the time spent during that window has earned me nothing, and I should just move on?

So on week 2, all my clients were set to 224497, and again I waited for a removed link I am into week 3 now, and nothing has changed on the Cryptobullion removed link Both my current payout and account balance still say removed link

Back at the [email protected] stats for donors, when I do a search of my name (085489), it shows the team set to removed link But when I click on the link on that page for my username, it shows details of both the default team 0 from week 1, and the Curecoin team on week removed link  

This is how my cryptobullion account is removed link

Username: 085489 (exactly how my clients are configured)

Payment address is set, Donation at 0%, and Automatic Payout at removed link

Help on this would be much appreciated and thank removed link


Posted : 12/11/2017 11:36 pm
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Looks like the forums got rolled removed link

Anyway, update: I still don't see anything credited to my account on the Cryptobuillions Folding removed link Everything is set to removed link

Posted : 15/11/2017 11:11 pm
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Wow that removed link bug is getting annoying 

It looks like I have to stop using periods from now on

Just to update my post which was detroyed by the removed link bug above

I still do not see anything credited to my account - 24 hour folding point is 0 - Current payout is 0 - Account Balance is 0

On the foldinghome page, when I query my username there it displays 2 results

Team 224497 - 56 WUs - Credit 175139

Team 0 - 51 WUs - Credit 161793

Help me out here please



Posted : 15/11/2017 11:18 pm
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The user name of all digits might be an issue here. Try creating a different username and let us know if that works. 

This video will explain how to "merge fold" and get both curecoin and foldingcoin at the same time for the same amount of work units. You need to change a username to merge fold anyways so this is a good time to try it. Jeff made a nice all in one installer for windows that will breeze you into a full setup that seems to work very well for everyone.

Posted : 19/11/2017 8:54 pm