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[email protected] server updates


Updates to the f@h servers will disable stats usage from now until Thursday.

PG doesn't like to talk much about anything other than strictly business so lets break down whats happening in the world of f@h right now..

Aug 29 '16 - Barnaculues Nergasm - a youtube tech vlogger and ex M$ employee makes a video about f@h and exposes it to 769,668 subscribers. Instantly the team had around 5,000 members and was rivaling some of the fastest speeds ever achieved on the f@h network ( Correct me if Im wrong but I believe team CureCoin still holds the record at 255+ million PPD ).

Sep 8 '16 - Research coins including CureCoin, FoldingCoin, and Gridcoin meet a heavy investor who leaves the crypto community is wonder of who in the world just invested that much money into science? This anonymous force has created a surge in folders and participants in F@H and BOINC.

As a the team leader of the 4th ( very soon to be 3rd ) largest all time contributor to f@h I do watch the leader boards a lot. Like usual the self proclaimed "800 lb gorilla that is team EVGA" is going to hold their rank as tightly as possible. They are also running way above recent averages of PPD output.

There is a huge PvP going on too for those that did not now. The now world champion of folding looks like he is defending his title in a close and amazing battle "PS3dolkkola" VS "war".

So the time has come once again. It sounds to me like we have succeeded in being a part of growing f@H and we will grow with each other. Ironically just before I learned of the maintenance I had sent Dr. Pande an email asking if I can be of help with a monetary donation with all the new attention to f@h. So please check out the front page of if you wish to donate your curecoins to f@h servers as we all want continue to have fun with folding for a very long time (until we die hopefully of old age and not cancer??).

During this time CureCoin will be testing a few of the failsafe ideas that we have used before in order to distribute coins in a fair manner while the stats are offline. I will keep everyone updated as much as possible. Dont forget your points are still being counted in the back end so keep folding!

Topic starter Posted : 13/09/2016 4:10 pm
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Thanks for the update!

Posted : 13/09/2016 5:40 pm

We have started our fail over mode which will pause payouts for 24-48 hours as Pande Labs complete their updates. During this time your points are still being counted and will be rewarded curecoin. When the stats are reported there will be a payout equal to the days missed that will cover all the points folded in this period. So keep folding the coins will hit your accounts soon!

Topic starter Posted : 14/09/2016 11:21 pm

i am glad to hear that there are now proper fail safes being tested. stanford is by no means obligated to keep their stat server online 24/7 so accounting for down time in this crypto coin is paramount.

Posted : 14/09/2016 11:29 pm
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Stats server back online. 🙂

Posted : 16/09/2016 4:24 pm

Very good. Tonight will be 3 days worth of points and also 3 days worth of coins split since 2 days were unavailable until now.

I will post a confirmation after the system catches up.

Topic starter Posted : 16/09/2016 4:38 pm