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changing USERNAME i...

changing USERNAME in  

New Member Customer

how do I change my username in  ?

I later understood (I think) that I need to have the same username as the FAH (program and wallet)!   it is different.  

Tried to register another and it said the username exists.  This is because I used the auto program that is in folding website to set it all up.. .but didn't tell me what is my forum password!   When I do lost password, it makes me put my email address and I get the one that I had created only!

How can I search by username?


Posted : 27/10/2018 8:33 pm
New Member Customer

I am trying to mind FLDC and CURE dual mining together.. and I Have downloaded this software  that has a browser and while mining POINTS are gathering...  then it involves tokenkey and 

And something about how it also contributes to giving for curing diseases as donations in addition?! 

very confused.

Is this the best way to get CURE and FLDC mining to GAIN coins?

please respond.




Posted : 28/10/2018 4:26 am

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