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Simple Marketing Tips Everyone Can Do!  

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Hello Everyone,
While a not everyone has the time to go to events or put hundreds or thousands of dollars marketing a coin - I have yet to see a coin that became successful because of the marketing actions of one person. Instead what truly defines a coin's success if the people behind it - the average guy - who may not have all day or thousands of dollars, but has 1 hour that he is willing to put towards marketing the coin. Here, I have made a list of what the average person who supports Curecoin can go and do (for free) to help market this coin and get it to the next level. It would be great for the coin if everyone reading this list could do at least one or two of the things on it.

Donations (anything you can donate will be used for marketing and will also help the coin a lot!)
Bitcoin: 1EJQaRdNLD35T9iuAtJkWSkDnEugwNFag7
Curecoin: BMLvHtctASnYAmURkmQbD396Dn3342s3oM

What you can do!
Vote on mintpal. We need as many votes as we can get (they add the coin with the most votes every week) and we need you guys to help. If you have a mintpal account with a trade history you can vote once per hour! Vote here:

Cryptsy Voting. Cryptsy is another exchange - the more exchanges we get on the more investors can see us. Since we haven't gotten on cryptsy voting yet we need support in this thread: Post your support for cryptsy and click under the first post as liking this idea.

Join our reddit. If we get 200 followers we get on the cryptocurrency page which will bring extra traffic. Sign up here:

Like the Curecoin facebook page. Again, a popular facebook page can help drive more traffic, like us here: Also make sure to share the facebook page with your friends.

(most important). Keep our bitcointalk thread bumped. Everytime you visit the thread, say something, whether it is saying something about Curecoin, or asking a question, or answering someone elses question, or saying you have the same question as them. Whatever you do, try and post on the thread as much as possible, a bumped thread will help bring a lot of traffic - look at the darkcoin thread that is almost 1600 pages long - we should be trying to get here.

Like and share this youtube video: It could help bring a lot of traffic to Curecoin?

Do you have a blog? Write something about Curecoin.

Put Curecoin in your bitcointalk signature and your signature for all other forums.

Here are just some little things for now, I'll be adding more later. If everyone who read this thread did all these things we could really make some major strides, so I would appreciate if everyone reading this thread could try and do one or all of the things! Let's go Curecoin!

Posted : 28/05/2014 8:55 pm
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Nice list, done.

Posted : 29/05/2014 4:13 am