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Joint project effort with EMC2 (Einsteinium coin)?  

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Hi all

Oldminer here from

For those of you not aware, myself & 2 other individuals from the forum have recently taken over the management of EMC2. I have been asked to reach out to Curecoin community members to see if you would like to join with us in like-minded projects, & promotions that could benefit both Curecoin & EMC2? We figured Curecoin would be a good place to start as our goals are similar with Curecoin I assume being 'medically-orientated' and EMC2 being 'science-orientated'.

At this stage we are operating on a bit of a shoestring, but our lead 'dev' is very creative and has already come up with lots of ways we can promote our coin (including this one, & creating a new website that will initially act as an escrow site for the sale & promotion of science-related goods). Do you guys have a 'market' site for curecoin goods? If so, we could perhaps start by linking to each other site? This is just one basic, simple idea but we were hoping some of you might have more? Do you have a current ongoing project we could assist with perhaps? Have any of you been involved in a crowd-funding project?

It would be great if you could perhaps have a think how we could combine forces in an 'unofficial' way, with no strings attached, that could benefit both yours & our communities and we are open to any ideas or suggestions.

I can be contacted here, or on bitcointalk.

kind regards

Posted : 20/09/2014 9:55 pm
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Messaged, let's discuss any/if collaboration.

Posted : 21/09/2014 8:50 am