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Gaining More Traffic For Curecoin

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Hello Everyone,

Personally, I believe that bitcointalk should be the number one source of traffic for Curecoin - it has a large number of interested people and is relatively simple to promote.

For example I went and spent 10 minutes (even copying some content from the original introduction thread) and made these two threads:


Total Views so far = (159 + 498) = 657 views in less than 48 hours for the thread with 498 views and less than 36 hours for the thread with 159 views.

If we can assume that just 1% of these people bought Bitcoins and each of these people bought just 0.01 BTC that's over 2000 curecoin sold which means in less that for the 24 hour period 14.3% of the curecoins produced were sold from just these threads.

If we can for example have 10 other people making threads like this at bitcointalk and replying to them we could have a desire for over 100% of the curecoins which would result in the price per curecoin going up.

Please see if you guys can do this 🙂

Topic starter Posted : 18/11/2014 7:52 am