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CureCoin to be in Chicago 2014 for the BitCoin conference.  

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[align=center:ikg5b3bc]Phase 1[/align:ikg5b3bc]

Today I start fundraising to get the promotion of CureCoin off the ground. If you would like to see the marketing for this coin go viral; I would suggest donating as 100% of the proceeds go towards marketing campaigns. First step is to try and get us on the sponsor list for the BTC conference 2014 in Chicago. Here is a list of the donor hierarchy.
I will not be taking any profit or cut from this as 100% of donations will directly go towards this.
WHY? Great question. We have in our midst a coin actually worth something; a real modern miracle. As the Dev. Team grows stronger the coin will grow by itself. However nothing like adding fuel to the fire. Since at this conference there will not only be Forbes, Wall Street Journal, a lot of press and large investors, but a vast majority of other crypto enthusiasts. Of course following their interest is further support and volume into the coin.  Assuming we have at least a booth set up minimum. We already have top designers and digital artists at our disposal for press and promotions. The real goal is to reach the premier donor list, which comes with the added benefit of having CureCoin logo splashed across the conference on every piece of written literature and banners from napkins to ID badges.

Goals: To get a booth set up we will need $2000 or roughly 4 BTC just for the booth. To hit premier sponsor we will need $25,000 or roughly 50 BTC.
Why don

Posted : 27/05/2014 2:11 am
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I don't have the money to support this but I agree with this idea and think it could help curecoin.

Posted : 29/05/2014 12:32 pm
Member Admin

GhostB, any update on the status of your fundraising for this event?

Was any of this covered under the developer's 3% fund?

Do you accept curecoin donations for those people with little or no bitcoin (or those who don't want to play the market, and pay to exchange their cure for bit)?

Posted : 12/06/2014 1:30 am
Eminent Member Customer

An update on funding would be great - I'm interested in helping out where I can.

Posted : 13/06/2014 3:26 pm
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Sorry for the delay on updates, personal life has been a little crazy.
Funding for this has been successful as you can see on    under sponsors.

If you would like to donate for future events being hosted.
Cure: BMyE2yTNVFtbUu6hwVVCn9BsGkeBF6F5UB
BTC: 1NyS35o4FSt5YNNgbfbLjCiMZZ3HssxCsB

We are now all booked for hotels and everything, looking forward to being in Chicago July 17th-23rd
Keeping some spare days to meet with people and make sure everything goes according to plan.
As for the dev. fund as far as I am aware non of it was used for this.
It was all donations from supporters.
Any other questions reply here or message me I will get on twice a day to answer them.

Posted : 22/06/2014 2:55 pm