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eobot cloud fold wa...
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eobot cloud fold way too expensive

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I read the eobot cloud fold prices and it is $0.05 per PPD for a year.
So to fold 20k PPD for a year this costs $1000.
For 1 mill PPD like a Titan X Pascal folds this is $50000
That seems way too expensive. 😮

Compared to curecoin.info cloud folding their price is $39 for 20k PPD for a year.

Is eobot a scam?

It doesn't sound right. Although they are 'premium', the stats on their website don't add up in several ways. we'll have someone contact them to see if those are accurate. I'm not sure if the $.05/PPD is for a specific contract length, or for just one day. -wuffy68

Topic starter Posted : 22/01/2017 10:30 pm
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I found eobot because it is linked on top of

Topic starter Posted : 23/01/2017 5:35 pm
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This is a good point. Eobot was the first to release an easy to use cloudfolding system and on top of that they already had a large platform of mining customers. I had expected they would have lowered that price by now...

I will contact them and let them know that price needs to "get up to date" quite a bit or I will remove the link from the pool.

In the mean time we are making an effort to increase capacity and lower prices on the curecoin cloud. The prices were just lowered recently and if anyone is serious about getting into the early stages of the new curecoin cloud (there was a previous one for those that didnt know) feel free to send me a message with the amount of PPD you are interested in and Ill make you a coupon code to use.

For a long time "cloud hashing" has been largely unprofitable for any coin out there. Even the giant CEX.IO company has to change their platform when bitcoin price was lower than it is today. I have not kept informed on their operations after that fiasco.

In light of all that, Im making an honest attempt to get the new curecoin cloud into a profitable state for investing. With the recent jump in curecoin price (from 3 to 6 cents last night) that goal is not far off it not already here. I will also be working with the FLDC devs to build a merge folding cloud system that will surely be profitable. I dont mind changing the cloud model so many companies have fallen into because even if Im doing all the work of hosting machines Id still rather share profits to be made if that means it will enable us to bring higher folding numbers to f@h.

There is a 50% of code lurking on our facebook page (good for up to 5 people) and I also just reduced the prices. Those 50% codes make current pricing hard to pass up if you want to contribute to folding and your curecoin wallet at the same time.

These cloudfolding for a return platforms are obviously a brand new type of digital commodity. There are a lot of options to expanding the cloud including offering a set amount of money to team members if you should wish to have your PPD available to newcomers in the cloud. You would simply have to point your name at one of the cloudfolding usernames and your PPD could be split up - post or email me if interested and Ill add you to a list. This seems like a lot of extra work but keep in mind there have been hundreds of people that were introduced to curecoin through just the curecoin cloud alone (not counting eobot) from all over the world. There are a lot of people without the equipment to fold that really want to get involved, and this is the best solution I can think of.

So feedback is welcome here, thanks again for pointing out the Eobot price, I will discuss this matter with them asap because that is way too high going into 2017.

Posted : 23/01/2017 10:19 pm