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Setting up payout to your personal and encrypted wallet

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There are many benefits to having your own wallet. You are in full control of your coins and can even earn interest on coins 30 days or older by leaving your wallet open (and unlocked for minting if encrypted).

The wallet download links are right on the main page of curecoin.net

Once your wallet is open, hit the receive tab, and copy your curecoin address. Paste that into the My Account setting on the folding pool (cryptobullionpools). Set auto pay to 1 (recommended). Thats all you need to do to get curecoins in your wallet on your computer.

Encrypting your wallet is a great second step to making sure your coins are extremely safe and take full advantage of the already secure nature of crypto currency. In the top right corner of the wallet is a drop down with the option to encrypt. Note your wallet is not encrypted until you send at least 1 outgoing transaction. It can be a fraction of a coin. If you need an address to use, try


That is the curecoin burn address. Coins sent there can never be spent. Many cryptocurrencies have burn addresses that are used to lessen the total supply of the coin, thus making it more scarce and more valuable. There are some basic certificates I can send if you request one for burning curecoins.

Check out more of the forum to learn more about wallet options and staking ( earning interest )

Topic starter Posted : 29/10/2015 10:29 pm