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Causes and Cures (inc. videos, interviews, science journal articles & more)

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Virtually every disease affecting humans, animals and plants alike is caused by protein folding anomalies. Whether it's Cancer, Alzheimer's, AIDS, Mad Cow Disease, the Banana Virus and the recently discovered Coffee Emaravirus...  all have causes rooted in protein folding (or mis-folding).

The following is a collection of information intended to highlight the importance of protein folding research, and how your participation in distributed computing projects like [email protected] is already helping change the world. With the addition of digital-currency rewards paid to curecoin participants, scientific research is evolving to a new level before our eyes.

The coolest part - your participation can earn you credit, and you don't even need a PH.d  🙂

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Topic starter Posted : 12/05/2014 7:30 am