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[Sticky] Export / Import Private key Instructions

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Exporting and importing your private keys can be desirable for a few different reasons.

Some people like to export their private key and write it down and stick it away in a safe or safety deposit box. This is similar to storing your wallet.dat on removable media and encrypting it for the highest security. While an encrypted wallet.dat on removable media is arguably much more secure, you must also make sure you never forget your password. The nature of private keys and encryption is such a powerful combination that it is the driving force behind all the value put into Bitcoin and other crypto currencies such as CureCoin. One of the most secure ways to pick a password is to pick one of your favorite books or a poem, and use for example the 1st letter on page 1, the 4th letter on page 2, the 6th letter on page 3, you get the picture. That is an age old proven method to tuck away a password that only you will know about.

Cleaning orphaned blocks out of your transaction list is another reason to do an export import. Those are the grayed out blocks you will likely see if you are mining a coin either through proof of work or proof of stake. These blocks are common on all cryptocurrency networks and do not effect the security or performance of your wallet. If you decide you want to clean these essentially useless lines out of your transactions list that an export import of the private key will do the trick.

There are various other reasons that are less common for exporting and importing private keys. Now on to the how to-

With the curecoin client window open, select help-> debug menu

The debug window has two tabs, "Information" and "Console", select the 2nd one named console. You can type help here to get a full list of commands available, since there is a lot of them, I'll show you the two that you want to use.

Enter this as example
dumpprivkey B4nMZWxPs7mjUacHYf5wmtEEd489UpnExd
using your own address of course, above is just an example. Do not use the around the address.

This will print out rather a long string of digits, copy this string to a notepad

Now navigate to your folder where your wallet.dat file is, if you are using windows (windows default setting) it will be something like c:usersyourusernameappdataroamingcurecoin
On Linux it will be in your user folder as well as .curecoin (a hidden directory by default, much like the ssh directory)
With mac ~/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin/wallet.dat (this is also a hidden folder by default)
If you are having trouble finding the wallet.dat (any platform /OS) just run a drive wide search for wallet.dat

Rename the current wallet.dat to something else such as walletbackup.dat or wallet.dat2, doesnt matter as long as you change the name. Leave the folder open if you want(you will see a new wallet.dat appear soon)

Open the curecoin client again, it should only take a short while to sync since your wallet was just open. At this point you will see another wallet.dat has populated in the folder. Navigate to the console as mentioned above ( help-> debug window, then click console tab). Now you are ready to import your private key. The command works as the following

importprivkey [label]
Enter this as example
importprivkey 12341234ThisIsThePrivateKeyExample12341234 mynewwalletname

Your wallet will take care of the rest from there! Its recommended to make sure your wallet is encrypted, remember that you need to send 1 outgoing transaction to finalize the encryption process. If you need an address to send to feel free to pick on of the donation addresses on the curecoin.net homepage, or you can even burn the coin completely by sending it to the burn address BCurecoinEater1111111111111XavDMqR

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