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[Sticky] Earning interest on your CureCoins

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CureCoin has a Proof of Stake component which lets you earn extra coins while helping the to keep network secure.

To enable staking just open your wallet! You must own coins in your wallet that are 30+ days old in order to earn staking coins.

That's it just open your wallet and you are staking new coins!

If your wallet is locked with a password you will see a message that says "Not staking because wallet is encrypted", go to the console option and type the following:

walletpassphrase YourPassWordHere 99999999 true

In a moment the locked message will go away. Your wallet is now staking.

Hint - It can take up to 3 months to win a reward via staking for coins. Two factors that can increase your odds of getting stake rewards are holding your coins longer as they mature your stake weight increases. Adding more coins to your wallet will also increase your stake weight and odd of earning a stake reward.

Topic starter Posted : 29/10/2015 11:02 pm